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Medicine’s Barbaric Little Secret: IVs Don’t Have to Hurt I was speaking to an old friend, a fellow physician, the other day about what makes hospitalized patients most uncomfortable. Incredibly, ...
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Temporal tap Temporal tap is a Kinesiology technique for embedding positive affirmations or goals and consolidating positive change in the present, and can be used to enhance any changes you ...
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PHYSIOLOGICAL FUNCTIONS The ajna chakra controls and energizes the pituitary gland, the endocrine glands, and energizes the brain to a certain extent. It is called the “master chakra” because it ...
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Keto Compared to the Standard American Diet of 45 percent carbohydrate, 40 percent fat, and 15 percent protein, a low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) diet like Atkins is 25 percent carbohydrate, 60 ...
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BETHANY “Empowering You Through Pain.” —BETHANY MAHAFFEY, OWNER OF TRUE MUSCLE SOLUTIONS I was active and played sports my whole life, starting with gymnastics when I was eighteen months old. ...
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CHILDLESS CEO TO PARENTS WITH KIDS ON VIDEO CALLS: ‘THANK YOU, IT’S LIKE A BREATH OF FRESH AIR’ More company leaders should think this way. by Quinn Fish With kids ...
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BUT BOTH MEN still had to be told. The day after the state commission meeting, Kamanin summoned Gagarin and Titov to his office. Nelyubov was not invited. As soon as ...
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PARAXYLENE PARADOX Chinese cities don’t often see demonstrations. But the proposed building of a new chemical plant in the city of Kunming did manage to drive thousands of people into ...
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‘Amateur’ just about summed up my feelings about my counsellor too. By the end of June I had enough advice to see me through several husbands. I also had a ...
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8 “Why did it feel as though this loss had only happened to me?” “So, what are your plans for today?” Jason asked as he haphazardly shoved a sesame bagel ...
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Lentil Bolognese NUT-FREE, SOY-FREE PREP TIME: 10 minutes / COOK TIME: 30 minutes / MAKES 4 SERVINGS Bolognese, or “meat sauce” as it was called in my home, was always ...
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About the Author Michelle Wilson is a young adult author born and raised in Eastern Kentucky. She currently lives in small town Berea with her husband, son, and three dogs. ...
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11. Leg Shapes Focus - Hip complex, glutes, transversus abdominis, internal obliques The side position is ideal for building core stability and for promoting greater movement and control. You can ...
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