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azw3 |eng | 2017-01-04 | Author:Pejrolo, Andrea & Metcalfe, Scott B. [Pejrolo, Andrea]

Steps for Plan B 1. With just one carrier (no need for a modulator), take its output and feed it back into its own modulation input. 2. With an input ...
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mobi |eng | 2009-05-30 | Author:Everest, F. Alton & Pohlmann, Ken [Everest, F. Alton]

The Bonello Criterion In reviewing various preferred room ratios, we have observed that choosing the right ratio of dimensions is crucial in obtaining good modal response. For example, the ratio ...
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Figure 10.6: This file contains the same impulse three times in a row. The second version used a linear phase equalizer to apply 18 dB of boost at 300 Hz ...
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An oscillogram showing the hard-clipping action from a typical solid-state audio power amplifier when the amplifier is overdriven. An oscillogram illustrating the soft-clipping action from the Fig. 6-21 L-MOSFET audio ...
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Creating a mix details (this is only one of many methods): 1. Get a quick balance between all the tracks. 2. Roll off bass on instruments or voices that shouldn't ...
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Keyword: Record Although the exhibitions of 1878 were short-lived, Redpath quickly went on to fresh projects, and souvenir sheets of tinfoil were soon forgotten, the medium of sound recording had ...
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Although I will argue that the logic of “original” and “copy” does not adequately describe the process of sound reproduction, one cannot deny that questions of the relation between originals ...
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