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6 The Traffic Systems of Pompeii With the evidence for direction and how to interpret it now fully explored, an obvious question arises: how was the consistency of behavior that ...
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Figure 9.9 The Rialto Building: northern Mission Street facade, with reconstruction under way. Note damage between fourth and fifth floors, which may have resulted because of pounding between the Rialto ...
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ASSIGNING MONETARY VALUES TO HEALTH CONSEQUENCES The health consequences of a decision can be characterized according to their economic or monetary valuation. Although monetary effects clearly are not health effects ...
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Emergent Sandbar Habitat In response to the 2000/03 Biological Opinion, the Emergent Sandbar Habitat (ESH) program was initiated in 2004. The project area extends from Garrison Dam in North Dakota ...
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The engineering efforts involved in reshaping early-20th-century Seattle also forever altered the landscape south of downtown. By 1909, Harbor Island, then the world’s largest man-made island, was being constructed at ...
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2.1.3 Constituent Rates Whereas volume rates are almost always used to recover costs of average-strength wastewater, individual constituent rates are used for recovering extra-strength waste loads from monitored commercial and ...
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The establishment of the James River Park, largely on land that had seen no development, provided an inviting venue for the rapid growth of recreation on and along the river. ...
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TASK 8—FINALIZE CONCEPTUAL HYDROGEOLOGIC FRAMEWORK The flexible approach outlined in the description of this task is appropriate given its dependence on results of the field and laboratory programs. This task ...
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