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Be active! Findlay offers 60 student organizations and intercollegiate, club and intramural sports, allowing you to learn leadership and interpersonal skills outside the classroom. The University’s campus consists of more ...
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How do college admission officers view extracurricular activities within an application? The core of your college application is comprised of your GPA, your standardized test scores, and your high school ...
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Athletics, whether on the varsity level or for recreation, are tops on anyone’s list here. The school began competing in the uber-competitive Southeastern Conference in 2012 and made an impressive ...
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* * * * * * 1 Kerry Poynter and Nancy Tubbs. “Safe Zones: Creating Safe Space Ally Programs.” Journal of Gay & Lesbian Issues in Education. In press. ...
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ANIMAL HOUSE? HAVING A PET IN COLLEGE A lot of us have grown up having a pet at home. But before you bring a dog, cat, hamster, lizard, goldfish, or ...
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For example, do not simply say, “This is an example of imagery.” Explain why the imagery is effective. Perhaps the author’s descriptions of the beautiful sunset effectively draw in the ...
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The Great Society As awareness of civil rights issues grew, so too did an awareness of poverty in America, as well as the weaknesses in the public sector. In 1958, ...
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Essay Hannah used the following essay in her application to all of the schools in the University of California system listed above. Tell us about a talent, experience, contribution, or ...
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495. Josip Broz Tito of Yugoslavia is historically significant for all these reasons EXCEPT (A) being the most successful resistance leader in Europe during World War II (B) refusing to ...
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21. A researcher discovers that female fibromyalgia patients report a higher incidence of pain during pregnancy and menopause when estrogen levels are rapidly changing. This discovery best supports which doctor’s ...
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2. Mark was intent on maintaining his status as first in his class; because even the smallest mistakes infuriated him, he reviewed all his papers ------- before submitting them to ...
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