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epub |eng | 2011-03-10 | Author:Diana Gabaldon [Gabaldon, Diana]

I returned only slowly to myself, lying half on Jamie's breast, sweated bodies still glued together, thigh to thigh. He breathed heavily, eyes closed. I could hear his heart under ...
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epub |eng | 2021-10-15 | Author:Andrew May

A few months after the Tom Cruise announcement, Axiom revealed another project in the offing – albeit one that is still several years in the future, and might or might ...
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epub |eng | 2021-10-12 | Author:Yukiya Murasaki [MURASAKI, YUKIYA]

Chapter 3: Fighting the Emperor Diablo thrust out his right hand. He tried to mitigate Gelmed’s attack with a 《Cyclone Jet》 spell, but it failed to completely disperse the cold ...
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epub |eng | 2021-09-27 | Author:Ian Doescher [Doescher, Ian]

PROLOGUE The New World. ENTER CHORUS. CHORUS A new adventure, and the darkest yet— Now starts a drama ye shall ne’er forget. Th’Avengers face their strongest, vilest foe: Mad Thanos, ...
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epub |eng | 2010-07-06 | Author:Jorge Ramos [Ramos, Jorge]

The single largest source of revenue in Mexico is oil. But the world economic crisis in 2008 instigated a fall in the price of that commodity. Mexico, in spite of ...
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epub |eng | 2012-12-11 | Author:Katsura & Yuramei [Katsura & Yuramei]

Table of Contents Copyright Praise for BigDealVol. 1:Lust For Vengeance Dedication Acknowledgements Author Note Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four Chapter Five Chapter Seven Chapter Eight Chapter Nine ...
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epub |eng | | Author:Unknown

11.7.3 Other Meteorological Satellites over Asian Regions Besides the previous satellites, data from a number of R&D satellites are available over Asian regions. The current trend of observation uses microwave ...
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epub |eng | | Author:Unknown

NEW NOTE TO LEARN A The A note is an open fifth string note. You don’t use any fingers to play this note; just pick the 5th string. CARDIFF BY ...
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epub |eng | 2021-06-14 | Author:Shen, L.J.

Cillian dragged a kicking and screaming Gerald off of Jane while Hunter scooped his limp mother in his arms, shouldering past people as he rushed her out of the limelight. ...
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epub |eng | 2006-10-14 | Author:TERRI BRISBIN

If he’d been one step closer, the door would have crashed into his face. Shaking his head as he walked down the stairs, Connor recognized his failings at once. Somehow ...
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epub |eng | 2021-06-08 | Author:Haywood, RR [Haywood, RR]

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epub |eng | 2021-07-05 | Author:K.K. Allen [Allen, K.K.]

The main doors to Island Grille are locked when I arrive Monday morning, so I meander around the porch to check out the view while I wait. I lean forward ...
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epub |eng | 2021-09-17 | Author:Unknown

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epub |eng | 2021-05-01 | Author:Jones, K.J. [Jones, K.J.]

“The Mog wasn’t too great for the pilots or the Rangers,” said Kevin. “Which is why we have to fucking get our asses outta this vulnerable position.” Matt sat up. ...
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epub |eng | 2021-05-23 | Author:unknow

Rhys Hughes was born in Wales but has lived in many different countries. He graduated as an engineer and currently works as a tutor of mathematics. He began writing fiction ...
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