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Dessert Before Dinner As a people we have forgotten how to delay pleasure. We are living in a society that microwaves everything. We must have it, and we must have ...
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GLOBAL INSURGENCIES A financialized economy allows creditors to trap not just individuals but entire communities in destructive debt contracts. What happened in Haiti—a small country punished for its democratic revolution ...
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Litigious Borrower Does the file contain information that indicates a borrower who’s either considering litigation, or has gone ahead with it? This could indicate problems with the original loan, or ...
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Use Caution with Home Equity Loans Many people take out home equity loans when they’re having trouble making ends meet. After all, homes are often the largest asset people have, ...
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Hide It When you get the $1,000, hide it. You can’t keep the money handy because it will get spent. If your $1,000 from Baby Step One is in the ...
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Monetary and financial policies Central banks issue currency, influence the amount of credit in the economy, regulate private banks and other financial institutions, and influence critical prices in the economy, ...
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CHILDREN’S TRUSTS As with the ILIT, we are now considering trusts established for specific purposes or assets. The irrevocability principle for asset protection applies to any established for this purpose. ...
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Who Knew? Worth-It Renovations Realtor to the rich Serhant says wealthy homeowners tend to spend quite a bit on renovations and customizations. “To them it’s more about making the home ...
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The Price of Prosperity Another barrier to maximizing your success that is addressed in the dfree® program has to do with one’s attitude toward wealth. So far we’ve examined some ...
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As an example, coffee consumption fell 50 percent over four decades until Starbucks Corp. made a brand out of a commodity; coffee consumption has inched upward since 1995 (Kilman, 2002). ...
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Expropriation of cultivators from the land Once debtor-cultivators or captured and enslaved populations faced the prospect of losing their land irreversibly, they were liable to flee. Some banded together to ...
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