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Benji The next morning, Reggie drove Benji and Felix to school in the Porsche. Felix sat in the back and stroked Freebie’s head. Benji had already asked him three times ...
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Why Index Funds Make Sense If you think of investing as primarily a means to an end and not a passion in and of itself, then index fund investing might ...
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epub |eng | 2018-02-14 | Author:Brian Zeek [Brian Zeek and Dee Dee Brooks]

THE ANNUITY: IS IT A TANK, OR A PADLOCK? “I’m not too hot on annuities,” a client told us recently. “Oh?” we said. “What do you know about them?” “Not ...
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Tax Planning in the Social Security Benefits Tax Zone If your Social Security benefits may be taxed, you need to review tax-planning options. Tax planning is especially important when you’re ...
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epub |eng | 2019-03-02 | Author:Dave Ramsey

Dessert Before Dinner As a people we have forgotten how to delay pleasure. We are living in a society that microwaves everything. We must have it, and we must have ...
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SELECTING AN ASSET ALLOCATION Asset allocation involves determining how much money you want in each of the four categories of investment. “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” That’s ...
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‘Speak the language of the person you seek to become.’ —Anonymous Self Defense Sadly, I’m required to remind you that not all men acknowledge nonverbal signals, nor do they all ...
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Fact 1: Issuing new cards very often is bad for your credit score. Explanation: You must know that the credit score's 10% is affected just by the simple application for ...
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Chart 9.13 Distribution of Total Portfolio Benchmarks (2015). Source: “How Do Fees Affect Plans’ Ability To Beat Their Benchmarks?” by Jean-Pierre Aubry and Caroline V. Crawford, State and Local Pension ...
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ESG principles†††In 2004 the United Nations secretary-general convened an international group of institutional investors to discuss how to connect social, environmental, and governance principles with investment decisions. ...
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Use Target Date Retirement Funds You get the idea of how you could invest that might resonate deeply. But how do you physically buy the index funds? What if I ...
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