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TAKEAWAY … with a bit more insight It does not take long to identify your highest achievers. Use the “Peter Principle” to continually challenge them with greater responsibilities to maximize ...
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The Future of External Talent Clouds Building an ETC is just beginning to be understood by most organizations and, like so many other technology-based transformations, open talent and ETCs continue ...
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PHASE 5: IDENTIFYING YOUR OPTIONS FOR NEGOTIATION When two parties are deadlocked in a negotiation, one must concede some points in order to move forward—a deadlock benefits no one. The ...
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Our research has shown that this kind of strategy can indeed reduce discrimination because it shifts attention away from narrow stereotypes.10 Reducing Justifications for Others’ Discrimination Most people want to ...
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Create Efficient Interaction Norms Let’s go back to the story of Scott. You may recall that when things were at their worst, an average of 118 people in one unit ...
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What Cultural Qualities Are Important to Consider in a Global Application of the Concept? The field of cross-cultural management brings forward the awareness of cultural differences in managerial practices (Hofstede, ...
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CONVERSATION 1: JAKE LISTENS TO RODNEY The recommendations outlined for this conversation assume that both Rodney and Jake are new at having Bold, Inclusive Conversations. See Chapter 6 for Am ...
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