BDB 6.5. Father Mine by J. R. Ward

BDB 6.5. Father Mine by J. R. Ward

Author:J. R. Ward [Ward, J. R.]
Language: fra
Format: epub
Published: 2012-09-12T15:28:07+00:00

God, she felt small. Small compared to the problems they had and the demands of their daughter and the fact that she wanted a lover for a hellren, not a polite roommate.

The knock on the door made her jump. “Hello?”

“It’s Doc Jane.”

“Come on in.”

The doctor poked her head around the door. “Hey, is himself around? I thought I’d remove his bandages—Okay, clearly you two have covered that part.”

As the doctor jumped to the wrong conclusion, Bella kept her mouth shut. “He should be out of the bathroom soon. Can his cast come off?”


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