Time Line by Rex Bolt

Time Line by Rex Bolt

Author:Rex Bolt [Bolt, Rex]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2020-03-29T22:00:00+00:00

Chapter 16

Before he departed Anthem Pike had told Mitch about Dani’s new information, and he gave Mitch the job of making contact with Erline.

He didn’t mean to be bossing the old guy around, but the fact was Mitch had as much of a vested interest as anyone, and he enjoyed this stuff, whether he always admitted it or not.

So Mitch had done his due diligence and reached Erline and gotten the latest, and he could have waited until the morning to call Pike, nothing anyone could do about it right now--or likely soon for that matter--and hopefully never.

Pike still treated these random bits of slightly alarming news, allegedly all stemming from Don’s situation, as anomalies. That there’s no set pattern, no root cause, that, as he was telling Mitch, you could take an ordinary guy--a non-Don transplant one--and things could unfortunately go wrong there too.

It wasn’t great to hear about another one, obviously. Pike thought of something, and when they stopped for gas an hour later, Heidi still fast asleep, Pike called Mitch, didn’t bother asking if he woke him up, but told him to please come up with a breakdown of every recipient of Don’s--and spread-sheet it out, and you hated to be blunt, but, organized by:


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