This Family Does It by Kevin Sellers

This Family Does It by Kevin Sellers

Author:Kevin Sellers [Sellers, Kevin]
Language: eng
Format: epub, pdf
Tags: erotica, incest, sex
Published: 0101-01-01T00:00:00+00:00



Joyce was having a wonderful dream. In her dream, a big, hard cock slithered hilt-deep into her pussy and pulsed there, throbbing inside her. Ted’s face loomed over her, his expression wrenched with lust.

“Jesus baby,” he was groaning. “Jesus, I could fuck you forever! Forever, I’m going to fuck you forever, ahhhh…”


She moaned as his image swam above her. In her dream, his cock began to slide in and out of her seething cunt, pistoning faster and faster. He laughed, slamming it to its base in her cunt and making her sob.

“Take it, bitch. Take my cock up your cunt and chew on it for me! I cheated on Sharon just to get a piece of ass I should’ve gotten when we were kids, and now I’m going to fuck it right! Suck on it, cyst! Suck it up your pussy! Yeah! Yeah!”


A whimper rose from her throat as she twisted on the bed. His cock was pumping to her hard and fast, picking up speed. She was coming, he was making her come. Oh yes, yes!


She hunched up deliriously, her eyes fluttering. Morning sunlight streamed into her bedroom, and an eruption of orgasm flooded through her — Ted’s face faded away. She awoke to find three fingers stuffed up her cunt, pumping her to climax.

It was too late to stop. Instead of trying, she pumped harder. “Ohh — ah darling, yes! Yes, that’s — oh — aaaahhhh!”

Delicious spasms of ecstasy ripped through her, just as if she were really being fucked by his big cock. She shuddered again and again, pumping her fingers in and out with furious stabs. Her ass twisted off the bed and she wailed.


At last, weak and sated and thoroughly fingered, she slumped in a dizzy heap.

“Ohhhh, oh my God…”

What a way to wake up! Now, if only Ted had hire to give her the real thing!

She smiled, remembering last night. And oddly, hardly a twinge of regret or remorse seeped through that vivid memory. It had been too nice finally getting a taste of cock after all these years. And even though that cock had belonged to her brother, she didn’t seem to feel the least hint of shame.

Still smiling, she rose and dressed in blouse and slacks, feeling the last little tremors of satisfaction ooze through her inflamed pussy. God, she was hotter than ever! Ted’s cock had done more than merely given her the first real fucking she’d had in years — it had opened the floodgates, and now she couldn’t shut them off. Tingling with arousal and all too aware of the deep itch buried in her cunt, she headed out of the bedroom to start a glorious new day.

On her way, Joyce stopped at Will’s bedroom to wake him up the way she usually did. Only this time, as she reached the open doorway, her voice froze in her throat.

“Wuhh…” Joyce stopped, gaping.

“Oh Mom, Mom… ahhh…”

Will lay stretched out nude on his bed, oblivious to her presence. He was already wide awake, with one hand wrapped around his engorged cock, pumping furiously.


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