The Twilight Zone by Nona Fernández

The Twilight Zone by Nona Fernández

Author:Nona Fernández [Fernández, Nona]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Graywolf Press
Published: 2020-03-15T00:00:00+00:00

From there I hear him shouting to me.

Remember who I am, he says.

Remember where I was, remember what they did to me.


I imagine him hiding on the floor of a van. I don’t know what he’s wearing. I don’t know whether he’s clean-shaven, either. It may be that he’s gotten rid of that dark bushy mustache, or on the other hand, he’s kept it and he has a heavy beard, too, to throw off anyone who might recognize him. Months have gone by since he gave his testimony to the reporter and the lawyer. Since then he has waited in utter seclusion until conditions were right for him to be escorted from the country. He knows that his superiors are looking for him. He knows that if he is found, he’s a dead man. That’s why he’s being taken in secret to complete some paperwork that will make it possible for him to leave. He’s hidden on the floor of a delivery van from Manantial Books, a familiar store.

There he is, under piles of packages. Schoolbooks, notebooks, boxes of pencils and erasers shifting with each turn of the wheel. He feels the weight of the bundles on his back and legs. He can hardly see out from under all the packages. From the street comes the clamor of the city. He hears car engines, horns, the radio announcer’s voice. His hands are sweating. His scalp, too. The trip has taken longer than he calculated. But all at once he feels the van’s motor slowing, the turn signal ticking, the clutch shifting, and all of this tells him that they’re parking in front of a church. Specifically, Our Lady of Los Ángeles on Avenida El Golf, in the upper reaches of the city.

We’ll wait here, he hears the lawyer say from the front of the van.


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