The Turgenev Family: Bratva Blood Brothers: Nikita by Cali N. Tae

The Turgenev Family: Bratva Blood Brothers: Nikita by Cali N. Tae

Author:Cali N. Tae [Tae, Cali N.]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2022-05-03T05:00:00+00:00

Chapter 21 Nikita

We arrive at the house and I park about ten feet from the front door. Andrusha told the ladies to park about fifty yards back until we know the area is secure. I know it is, but we always want to practice the most caution we can, especially with our ladies. Josef and Garald are here and have been holding it down for me since I transitioned to Zakhar’s security team. I still consider Andrusha my Pakhan and I’m still running his security for now, but at some point I know I’ll need to pass the torch. With Peace in my life now I need to start thinking long-term. I check in with Josef and he gives me the all-clear.

Andrusha calls Jemila to let her know to join us. We wait for our ladies to join us.

“She want to let him go,” Andrusha says to himself, still in disbelief.

“I can always have someone track him. We chipped his ass the first week he was here. He’s not going to get it out,” I tell Andrusha.

“Where’d you put it?” he asks.

“Alexei surgically implanted it down there,” I reply. He cringes.

“His cock?” I nod yes.

“He doesn’t know it’s there and we got it from Laszlo so it’s 98% undetectable.” He looks at me, skepticism written all over his face.

“What if he does find it and comes after her?” he asks.

“Then he dies.”

We see his town car pull up next to us and park. We get out and greet them. Peace practically leaps into my arms. I kiss her and I’m glad to see she’s cleaned her mouth out!

“It tastes much better,” she smiles. I smile in return.

“Better than it smelled!” She playfully punches my arm but I feel that shit. My girl is strong. “I would’ve kissed you anyway.”

“I know. And I thought I was the weird one,” she rolls her eyes.

“You’re not weird. You’re shy,” I say.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” We see Andrusha and Jemila having a heated quiet discussion a few feet away. “Maybe you should intervene?”

“We’re doing this her way. I’m only here to facilitate,” I tell her. I take her hand and we walk up the front steps. Josef is waiting at the door and after a quick introduction, we go with him downstairs. I squeeze her hand. “You sure you don’t want to wait outside?”

“I’m good,” she says. “What’s that smell?”

“Vomit. Shit. Some of everything,” Josef says without turning around. Fucking idiot.

“Zatknis!”’ Shut the fuck up!’

“Da, Kapitan.” ‘Yes, Captain.’ I squeeze her hand again. I hear Andrusha and Jemila behind us finally. He’s talking to her in a calm voice. I can’t tell what he’s saying but I’m sure he’s encouraging her. We get downstairs and Peace hesitates for a brief moment.

“Stand over here,” I tell her. I tuck her into a corner next to the bottom of the stairs. “You’re okay?”

“I’m fine.” I walk over to Romeo and stand by for Jemila. I can admit he looks like shit. Eyes black. Sclera bloodshot from all the broken vessels.


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