The Reluctant Medium by GG Anderson

The Reluctant Medium by GG Anderson

Author:GG Anderson [Anderson, GG]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Crazy Ink
Published: 2021-01-28T06:00:00+00:00

We walked into my room and almost ran right into Crystel. “Hey guys, I’m heading out, so you should have the place to yourself,” she wiggled her eyebrows and slipped past us.

I turned on my hot pot to start water for tea.

“So, what’s up?” Tyler sat on my bed expectantly.

I prepared my cup for the hot water that was finishing, “Sorry, did you want tea? That was rude. I think I have hot chocolate too.”

“No, I do not want tea,” Tyler’s expression turned more impatient.

I filled my cup and walked over to sit next to him. “Hi.”

He threw his hand in the air. “Seriously?”

My face fell, “What? You said you didn’t want any?”

“For hell’s sake, Savanah! I don’t want any damn tea! You just had a full conversation with a ghost. Can we talk about that, please?”

I tucked my head impishly. “Oh yeah, sorry. I guess you didn’t hear it all. Oops,” I took a sip of my too hot tea. “Well, her name is Elizabeth, as you know. She is four and she misses her mom.”

Tyler looked at me.

“What? Really that was it. She wants me to help find her mom.”

Tyler shook his head. “Do you hear the words coming out of your mouth? Savanah this is HUGE! Not everyone has these types of experiences. I didn’t think you had really ever had this type of experience.”

I took another sip, “I guess I really haven’t. I mean I did talk to a girl at the old, deserted campus at home over Thanksgiving, but I guess that was it.”

Tyler took in my expression.


His green eyes pierced my soul, “When did this happen? I thought you could only make connections when I was around. Did you lie when you said it was the power of my kissing that made you see things?” His smile was that cocky smile.

“No, Thanksgiving was before my concussion,” I took another drink. “Anyway, I have to do some research and see if I can help her.”

“So, does this mean your gift is back? I mean like do you think this means your gift will stick around?”

I knew what he was asking. He wanted to know if I could help with his grandfather.

“Likely, but Tyler you have to understand. Some spirits are stronger than others. Elizabeth is super intense. That is why I wanted to try and see her tonight. I was hoping with you there, and how strong her energy is, that I could make contact,” I took another drink, allowing him to catch up to my thought process.

“So maybe.” He asked, trying to hide his disappointment.

“It is likely I will be able to connect with your grandpa, it just may not be immediately,” I set the empty cup on my desk. “Did you want to try now?”

Tyler’s brow furrowed. “No way, you passed out. We can try later. We tried a couple days ago, it’s fine.”

“Are you sure? I am down if you are.”

“Savanah, I don’t want you to relapse. You still need to pace


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