The Psychology Book by DK

The Psychology Book by DK

Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9781465439291
Publisher: DK Publishing

Broadbent was interested in using psychology not only to design better equipment, but also to reach a better understanding of what affected the pilots’ capabilities. They clearly had to cope with large amounts of incoming information, and then had to select the relevant data they needed to make good decisions. It seemed to him that mistakes were often made when there were too many sources of incoming information.

Broadbent was influenced in his thinking about how we process information by another product of wartime research: the development of computers and the idea of “artificial intelligence.” The first director of the APU, Kenneth Craik, had left the unit important manuscripts and flow diagrams comparing human and artificial information processing, which Broadbent clearly studied.

"His psychology was intended for society and its problems, not merely for the dwellers in ivory towers."

Fergus Craik and Alan Baddely


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