The Perfect Father by Nenny May

The Perfect Father by Nenny May

Author:Nenny May [May, Nenny]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2021-01-14T16:00:00+00:00

He didn’t know whether to be excited, relieved or suffocated with a tension that had its hands around his throat. The numbers were a match. Whoever had left Christina Gresham that note, had been in contact with Lawrence Harrington during his last days.

“Well, you seem to have this under control, Harrington, I’m going to take off… don’t miss your father’s funeral, half of Harlem will be tuning in for the live broadcast.” Harrington nodded putting the document away seemed harder now that head made progress. But he knew thoroughly reading through the document would have to wait. At least until after the funeral, after Lawrence had been cremated and poured into a jar. Where would it even sit? There was nowhere in Juliana and Claire’s apartment that suited Lawrence’s ashes. Though maybe they’d cleared out a space overnight? He hoped that were the case. Darting out the door of his own office, hands clammy, he’d thought once more about the unregistered number. It was a match, now more than ever he needed to meet with the man or woman behind that number, behind that note. It would have to wait … he reminded himself, now hoping he didn’t get tongue tied between his father’s speech.


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