The Other Emily by Dean Koontz

The Other Emily by Dean Koontz

Author:Dean Koontz [Koontz, Dean]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2021-03-22T16:00:00+00:00

“We’re at the early stages of the concept. Until we lock down the scope of it, I can’t say what potential it has.”

Her look was sullen, suspicious. “Can’t or won’t?”

David wondered what impression she would make at a faculty tea. She most likely didn’t attend such functions. Probably Lukas didn’t, either. From what David had read, the man savored his reputation for being a rebel as both an academic and a scientist.

“I think it’ll do well,” he said. “I’ve had some prior success. Is Lukas available?”

A large German shepherd appeared at her side, ears pricked, its fixed stare intimidating.

“This is Wolfman,” she said. “It’s a stupid name. Lukas named him. He won’t hurt you as long as you don’t try to touch him.”

Although Linette wore hardly more than a bikini and favored a provocative hip-shot stance, David knew that she was warning him not just to avoid touching the dog but also to keep his hands off her or suffer a savage bite.

“Come in,” she said, and she stepped back from the door as the dog, too, relented to allow him entrance.

She escorted David to a large living room that was furnished less like an adult residence than like a room in a fraternity house. An enormous flat-screen TV. A poker table with six chairs in one corner. A Harley-Davidson Rocker with a fully chromed conversion package stood against one wall, like a piece of sculpture. Books and magazines were scattered about. There were armchairs and a sofa and plenty of evidence that the housekeeper who came in one day a week didn’t know where to start.


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