The Murder of Shakespeare's Ghost by Anna Celeste Burke

The Murder of Shakespeare's Ghost by Anna Celeste Burke

Author:Anna Celeste Burke [Burke, Anna Celeste]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2019-03-06T05:00:00+00:00

11 Dead as a Doornail

“yet, come thou and thy five men, and if I do not leave you all as dead as a doornail, I pray God I may never eat grass more.” – Henry VI

“He’s dead! Shakespeare’s ghost is dead!” I hadn’t been home long when Robyn called. I’d answered the call, hoping it was Charly with news about Joe and Carl.

“I don’t understand. Where are you? Where’s Neely?”

“We’re back at my cottage. Neely’s in the pantry, watching the dead ghost until the police get here. We don’t want to lose Shakespeare the way you lost Diana Durand on Fitzgerald’s Bluff.”

“Okay, so if you’ve called the police, that’s good. What can I do?”

“Come back over here, please. I’m afraid George and that crazy De Voss woman will come back. She’s scarier than a ghost or a burglar. When she came in and saw us eating in the dining room, she asked what we were doing. I told her we were having lunch while the repairmen finished, and I could be sure they did things the way they were supposed to do them. Instead of treating me like I was a responsible tenant, she told me that was her job, not mine. Then she ordered us out. It got a little tense after that.”

“I can believe it. Marty and I went through something like that, too.”

“Please, come over here, will you? Neely says you ought to have a good look before the police throw us all out. Charly, too!”

“I’m on my way. Domino, leash!” I turned around and the sweet, clever girl was standing there already carrying her leash. “Well aren’t you the savvy pooch?” I grabbed a jacket and took off on foot.

“Charly?” I asked when she answered my call.


“Here we go again.”

“Are you telling me Joe and Carl are in more trouble? I told them to go home. I had to do some fast talking to get Hank to stop detective who was following them in that car from arresting them.”

“No. What did they do?”

“They almost blew a cop’s cover who’s working on the smuggling investigation.”

“Are you saying the guy they were following—the one Neely beat up—is an undercover cop?”

“No, but Eddie Vargas, the driver of the car you saw following them, was trying to hook up with the guy Neely head-butted. The two men were supposed to meet at the clubhouse. Apparently, Carl and Joe spooked him, and he bolted. When the police officer tried to pursue the guy, they got in the way, asking him what his business was in Seaview Cottages. That’s when he showed them his badge and called for backup.”

“Oh, geez. That’s not good.” I was starting to huff and puff again. I was hoofing it at top speed, but the increasingly bizarre turn of events didn’t help me breathe any easier. Even the undercover meeting seemed odd to me. Why set up a meeting in the vicinity of Shakespeare’s Cottage so soon after the incident in which Eddie Vargas’ contact came close


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