The Interstellar Police Force, Book One: The Historic Mission by Raymond F. Klein

The Interstellar Police Force, Book One: The Historic Mission by Raymond F. Klein

Author:Raymond F. Klein [Klein, Raymond F.]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2021-03-12T22:00:00+00:00

Chapter Thirty-Four

Genghis was standing on the back bench seat of the Thunderbird, eyes glued to the large double glass doors of Saint Mary’s. The top of the cruiser was down as always, and Trent had parked it about twenty yards from the hospital, the only spot he could find. The doors slid open and Genghis’s ears perked up. A male and a female with a small child in tow came out to a waiting car by the front curb. There were three news trucks parked in front of the hospital. Reporters stood in front of cameras on tripods.

“My! Aren’t you a handsome dog?” a lady said to the Doberman, as she passed the Thunderbird. This broke Genghis’s concentration on the door as he turned his head to see who was talking to him. “Bug off!”

The apartment fire of Building C of the Compton Apartments finally came under control around seven that morning when it completely collapsed into itself. Twenty-five people were injured with everything from minor cuts and scrapes to smoke inhalation to third degree burns. Seven were dead, with two still missing.

Genghis fixed his eyes again on the glass doors of Saint Mary’s, not knowing why he couldn’t turn away. He stood there and stared. The doors automatically slid open, and Genghis was fixated on them. Then, Jeff emerged. He stopped and turned, looking into the lobby of the hospital. An orderly came out pushing a wheelchair with Jennifer. Jeff reached into his trench coat pocket and put his Wayfarers on as the orderly locked the wheel chair and helped Jennifer to her feet. Genghis’s tail started vigorously wagging back and forth. “There it goes again!”

Jennifer was walking gingerly with her arm hooked around Trent’s elbow wearing cheap hospital slippers and light green hospital scrubs. As they got closer, Genghis heard her say, “Oh, it’s so nice being outta there.” Trent opened the passenger side door for her and she sat down. Genghis couldn’t help himself and he wasn’t sure why, but he leaned over and started licking Jennifer’s face, ears folded back on his head. “Okay, okay, I missed you too, Genghis.” She took both hands and cradled his head and gave him a kiss on his nose. Which made him sneeze loudly.

Jennifer’s injuries were not serious enough for bandages. She had a small white bag with prescription pain medication just in case and a cream that she was told to put on her hands and feet twice a day. Her lungs were clear. Trent sat behind the wheel and started up the Thunderbird.

“Twinkie, are you hungry?” Jeff asked, as they pulled from the parking spot.

“Yes!” she replied. “Hospital food sucks!”

They drove onto the road, and Jeff replied, “I know of a great French restaurant with very nice outdoor seating.”

Jennifer didn’t realize how hungry she really was. It was 6 pm, and the three of them sat at a table outside of Le Pot Au Feu and ate. There were four other couples in the outdoor seating area,


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