The Earth Chronicles Handbook by Zecharia Sitchin

The Earth Chronicles Handbook by Zecharia Sitchin

Author:Zecharia Sitchin
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Ancient civilizations/Archaeology
ISBN: 9781591439554
Publisher: Inner Traditions/Bear & Company
Published: 2010-12-06T16:00:00+00:00


Jacob (H Ya’akov = ‘Who follows by the heel’): The third Hebrew Patriarch, the son of Isaac, so named because he was born holding on to the heel of his twin brother Esau. He went from Canaan to Harran, his grandparents’ (Abraham and Sarah) and his mother’s (Rebecca) ancestral home, to choose a wife, and married there his cousins Leah and Rachel. He had twelve sons, the forefathers of the Twelve Tribes of Israel. On one of his divine encounters, he wrestled with an angelic person, who renamed Jacob Isra-El, “for thou hast wrestled with El.” For the other divine encounter, see Jacob’s Dream. Before he died, Jacob blessed his twelve sons in an oracle about the End of Days, in which scholars find hints of the twelve zodiacal constellations. ZS has pointed out that before the twelfth son (Benjamin) was born in Canaan, the Bible lists Jacob’s Harran offspring as eleven sons and one daughter—paralleling the Sumerian count of eleven ‘male’ and one ‘female’ (Ishtar = Venus) members of the Solar System. See Harran, Israel.

Jacob’s Dream: According to Genesis 28, as Jacob (on his way from Beer-Sheba in Canaan to Harran) lay to sleep one night in a field, he was awakened by a dream-vision of “a ladder set up on the earth and its top reaching heavenwards” on which “angels of the Elohim were going up and down;” and God appeared and spoke to him. Realizing what he had witnessed, Jacob said: “How awesome is this place! Indeed, this is none but an abode of the Elohim, and this is the Gateway to Heaven;” and he named the place Beth-El, God’s Abode. ZS has suggested that Jacob had witnessed what some call nowadays a UFO.

Jade: A bright green semiprecious stone associated with the gods in Mesoamerica and the Far East. Though available in Mesoamerica only from mines in Guatemala, hundreds of jade objects were found at Olmec, Aztec and Maya sites. See also Turquoise.

Jaguar: The great feline of the New World, it was revered both in Mesoamerica and in South America as a symbol of strength. The great Mesoamerican god Quetzalcoatl was sometimes depicted with a jaguar mask, and a hidden staircase inside the main pyramid at Chichén Itzá leads up to a statue of a jaguar. The name of the oracle priest Balam, author of the Mayan sacred ‘Book of Balam’, meant ‘Jaguar’. Mayan priests wore jaguar skins; and ZS has drawn attention to the fact that in ancient Egypt, parallel priests wore leopard skins.

Japhet (H Yefet = ‘The good looking’): The third son of Noah, whose nation-lands, according to the Bible, paralleled the Indo-European ones.

Jehu: A king in ancient Israel who is depicted bowing to the Assyrian king Shalmaneser III (858–824 B.C.) on the latter’s memorial stone column (now on display in the British Museum).

Jeremiah (H Yirme-Yahu = ‘Yahweh will lift me’): A major biblical Prophet in Jerusalem during the politically and militarily turbulent times (626– 586 B.C.), when Assyria, Babylonia and Egypt contended for domination in the Near East.


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