Sweet and Low by Rich Cohen

Sweet and Low by Rich Cohen

Author:Rich Cohen [Cohen, Rich]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2011-12-14T16:00:00+00:00

ANOLIK: Before you became an employee, had you submitted any sort of invoices to Cumberland that were false?

ASARO: A few of them, yes.

ANOLIK: What sort of invoices did you submit that were false?

ASARO: There was work done at Robert Fernandez’s56 house. He asked me to do that. I did that.

In 1982, Joe Asaro, a Sicilian immigrant who had done a small construction job for the factory, in the course of which he filed fake invoices, was hired as a vice president of Cumberland Packing—a mind-boggling jump. Marvin says the decision was made by Ben for reasons that remain mysterious. Ben did not come up with the formula, did not foresee the cyclamate ban, did not buy the gas station, but he did hire Joe Asaro.

Irving Anolik’s cross-examination of Asaro was filled with innuendo. Imagine a prosecutor probing Carlo Gambino on his actual knowledge of the olive oil business:


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