Home for the Soul by Sara Bird

Home for the Soul by Sara Bird

Author:Sara Bird
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Ryland Peters & Small
Published: 2020-07-24T16:00:00+00:00

Orderly arrangements such as this one are pleasing on many levels. Olga and Jonathan’s wooden wall shelves feature neat rows of frequently used kitchenwares and foodstuffs. Arranged in this manner, these modest everyday items not only feel more special and cherished but also bring a satisfying feeling of balance and harmony.

Wherever possible, natural wood finishes were chosen for their well-documented calming benefits. Planning regulations meant that new fire doors had to be installed, but even these were responsibly sourced. The couple installed tactile finishing touches around the home, such as a wooden handrail on the staircase with feature stud work crafted by Jonathan. Finished in pure linseed oil, it is warm and pleasing to the touch.

In an effort to reuse what was already in place, the kitchen was freshened up with a coat of eco-friendly paint. Offcuts from the counter tops were mounted on the walls as a splashback and the existing counters were matched with newer sections to more practical effect. Open shelving holds glass jars of dry goods, teas and infusions, bringing natural colours and textures to the space. This is not just a decorative feature: the couple actively avoid plastic and prefer to shop in stores offering refill schemes.

Reinventing and being creative with furniture is a hallmark of Olga and Jonathan’s home. Repainting pieces, mixing old and new items, and bringing together different styles, such as mid century and vintage, contributes to the relaxed, uncontrived feel. Olga went on an upholstery course to learn how to re-cover Jonathan’s grandmother’s beloved antique chairs – learning a new skill made them feel personal to her too. As well as reupholstering old chairs, the recycled wood tables and bedside tables/nightstands were made by Olga’s father. Older pieces of furniture emit fewer toxic fumes, so are a wise choice if air quality is a consideration. They can also bring the satisfaction of using a family heirloom. Any new pieces of furniture are simple in style and blend in rather than standing out, allowing older items to take centre stage.


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