Superbia (Book 3) by Schaffer Bernard

Superbia (Book 3) by Schaffer Bernard

Author:Schaffer, Bernard [Schaffer, Bernard]
Language: eng
Format: mobi
Tags: Crime Thriller
Publisher: Apiary Society Publications
Published: 2013-04-26T04:00:00+00:00

Chapter Seven

Chief Tovarich folded his hands on his desk and quietly assessed the officer sitting in front of him. The clock on the wall above the door read 1112 hours. "You haven't had the opportunity to accustom yourself to some of the new rules and regulations here so I am trying to be understanding of your seeming disrespect. When you are told to be somewhere at eleven hundred hours, that does not mean ten after."

Junior looked up from the notepad in his lap where he'd been scribbling notes about the meeting and said, "Maybe I wasn't clear enough. Maybe I should have been more specific, Chief."

The boy had spent half the meeting with his eyes glued to Aprille Macariah's tits and Chief Tovarich half-wondered that there wasn't a puddle of drool under his seat.

Aprille tried to ignore the buzzing in her head and focus on the two men in front of her. She could feel cold drops of sweat sliding from her armpits down her sides. "I apologize," she strained to say. "I have not been feeling good, but I did my best to get here."

The Chief nodded as he waited for his son to write down her answer. Once Junior's pen stopped moving, he said, "I am not unreasonable. With me you will soon find out that so long as you meet my expectations, you will not have any trouble."

"That's what I've always heard," she said, wondering if something so completely untrue would register across her face when she said it.

Chief Tovarich's face brightened, "Really? Good." He waved for Junior to put the notepad and pen in front of Aprille and said, "One of the first things I'm implementing is a Uniformed Officers Standards Act. Write down any passwords you have."

Aprille scribbled down her computer password that logged her into the work computers and slid the notepad back toward the Chief.

He glanced down at the page and said, "Thanks, but we already have that one. I meant your passwords to any social media you use."

"I don't−"

"Tread carefully," Tovarich said angrily. He yanked his upper left desk drawer open and slammed a file down on his desk, "I know for a fact you've accessed your Facebook account on these computers on multiple occasions. That will be a primary offense in this new act, so I suggest you not try and lie to me about not having one."

Aprille tried to swallow. The pounding in her head was getting worse. "I don't know it off the top of my head. And anyway, if it wasn't against the rules when I did it, how can I be in trouble for it now?"

"It's more of a voluntary thing to make sure you are in compliance," the Deputy Superintendent added.

Chief Tovarich closed his eyes and tried to breathe.

"Well I'm not volunteering," Aprille said. She turned toward Chief Tovarich, "Is it true you shut down our detective division?" Aprille said.

Junior snorted slightly as he lowered his head to keep writing, "If you call that a division."

"The CID unit from Manor Farms will be handling investigations for both agencies.


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