Strange Tales from Liaozhai--Volume 6 by Pu SongLing

Strange Tales from Liaozhai--Volume 6 by Pu SongLing

Author:Pu SongLing
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Jain Publishing Company
Published: 2014-08-05T16:00:00+00:00

Six months passed before the business associate bought an appropriate woman and brought her home to Xi. When they entered his gates, they could see that the concubine was actually Shen. Xi and Zhaorong were astonished.

Earlier, when she’d been living by herself for more than a year after selling Zhaorong, Shen was advised by her older brother, Shen Bao, to remarry. She did as he suggested and attempted to sell her husband’s property until she was stopped by Xi’s relatives, who blocked the sale. Consequently, she was forced to sell them everything she owned, accumulating a few hundred strings of cash, which she took with her to her brother’s house, where a Baoning merchant who’d heard that she possessed a bit of money as a dowry had enticed Shen Bao with bribes, and thus tricked her into marrying him.

Unfortunately, the merchant was old and impotent. Shen blamed her brother for her predicament and was so depressed that she tried to hang herself, then threw herself down a well, unable to bear living under such circumstances. This so angered the merchant that he took all of her money and planned to sell her as a concubine.

Everyone who heard about this opined that Shen was too old for anyone to want to buy her. Then Xi’s business associate ran across her in Kuizhou, where she’d been transported for sale. Since she happened to be precisely the age that Xi had stipulated, the associate paid for her and brought her back.


Baoning: A prefecture in Pu’s time, now Langzhong county in Sichuan province.


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