Spirit of the Fae by Linsey Hall

Spirit of the Fae by Linsey Hall

Author:Linsey Hall [Hall, Linsey]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Bonnie Doon Press
Published: 2019-10-07T05:00:00+00:00


Cold shuddered over me. It was too freaking weird to watch myself die. To watch Tarron die.

I swallowed hard and sprinted out of the alley, Tarron at my side.

We had only seconds. Our other forms were almost dead.

All around us, the Fae were unconscious. Only Burn was on his feet as we raced toward our fallen bodies. I wished there was time to go after the false queen—who could be unconscious right now—but Kerina had said that we only had a few seconds. We couldn’t risk it.

As I ran, I couldn’t drag my gaze away from my body or Tarron's.

We’re dead.

I didn’t feel dead, so it was super disturbing to see my lax form.

We reached them and stopped.

“Let’s find some place quieter,” Tarron said. “I don’t know how long this will take, or when the Fae will wake.”

“Good thinking.” I bent and grabbed my own dead body, then hoisted it over my shoulder. “This is so fucking weird.”

“No kidding.” Tarron swung his own body over his shoulder and turned, striding toward an alleyway that hadn’t been burned.

We slipped inside and laid the bodies on the ground. I swallowed hard, staring at my own tear-stained face. “Let’s do this quick.”

“Hang on.” Tarron knelt and yanked the dagger out of the chest of the fallen version of him.

Then he hovered his hand over the wound and fed healing magic into it. The flesh knit back together, appearing whole and unblemished through the tear in the shirt.

“Smart thinking.”

“I don’t want to wake up with a dagger in my chest.”

Fair enough. “Ready?”

“Ready.” He stood.

We yanked the vials of potion from our pockets and raised them to our lips, then swigged them back.

“Ugh.” I wiped my mouth, gagging slightly at the taste of boiled cabbage.

My head began to spin and my vision flickered. Then I was falling, the world zipping past my head as my form was sucked toward the ground. My consciousness went fuzzy.

When I came back to myself, I was lying on the hard ground and staring up at the little bit of sky I could see between the towering buildings.

I gasped, sitting upright, then turned to Tarron.

He sat, blinking slowly. He reached for me, and his hand made contact with my cheek. “Holy fates, it worked.”

I lunged for him, hugging him tightly. His strong arms wrapped around me, cocooning me in warmth. Without warning, the ether sucked us in. It spun us around, tearing us apart.

I thrashed, shocked as hell, and stumbled when the ether spat me out in the middle of a darkened alley.

Tarron appeared next to me a moment later.

His wide eyes met mine, then traveled beyond me to the darkened city street. I spun in a circle, inspecting our surroundings.

“It’s night time,” Tarron murmured. “But where are we?”

I squinted upward. The darkened sky overhead was actually rock. On either side of the cobblestone street, ornate two-story buildings had been carved out of the rock. They looked and operated like normal buildings, but they were part of the mountain itself.


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