Sorceress Rising by Lisa Blackwood

Sorceress Rising by Lisa Blackwood

Author:Lisa Blackwood [Blackwood, Lisa]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Fiction, Urban Fantasy, Romance
Published: 2016-07-29T18:30:00+00:00

Chapter Twenty-Two

Sneaking into the cottage proved surprisingly easy. But then again, stealth wasn’t a problem when no other soul was awake to see you, Lillian supposed. Her second greatest fear—that the siren might be holed up somewhere inside the cottage—proved false as well. The house was silent, deserted in a way it hadn’t been in days. For the first time in her life, the old stone cottage offered no homey reassurance.

“We’ve been storing the spell-warded weapons below in the wine cellar,” Gran explained. She crossed the kitchen and unlocked a side door, which opened onto a narrow set of stairs leading down to the cellar.

Lillian followed close on Gran’s heels. She called on her gargoyle senses once again, and the dimly lit stairwell became much easier to see. They continued along the rows of wooden shelves with their cargo of quality wines, which stocked the family spa in normal times. They filed past the wood shelves and Lillian found herself in a far back corner of the cellar. The dingy little alcove was devoid of anything of interest, so she’d never had reason to venture over to this part of the cellar.

Gran, however, grabbed the edge of the dumpy little table leaning against one wall and started to move it. The legs dragged on the stone floor and made a painful sound.

Lillian winced at the appalling noise, then looked up at the rafters and cocked her head to listen. Nothing responded to the noise, and she released the breath she’d been holding. While she’d been worrying about something coming up their back trail, Gran had gone ahead and pushed against what had looked like just another section of wall.

But this wall made a grating sound as it swung open into a black abyss. Gran shoved her shoulder against the door a second time and opened it a bit farther. With a muttered curse, she groped around in the darkness. After half a minute, there was a hum and a flickering of harsh light as rows of fluorescent lights sputtered to life.

Under the cold light of the fluorescents, a large room Lillian hadn’t even known existed was revealed. She drew another sharp breath, but only had a moment to marvel at all Gregory’s hard work. Knowing he’d been enchanting weapons for days on end was one thing, seeing the hundreds of them was something else altogether. Her eyes swiftly picked out the shapes of swords, shields, daggers, spears, crossbows, and yes, those were longbows resting against one wall. Their beautiful, elegant carved wood shafts so much more striking than the practical compound bow her uncle had taught her to use over a number of hunting expeditions. Thanks to Gran, she’d even had a few seasons’ worth of practice on a crossbow.

“Here,” Gran said as she shoved first a crossbow and then a wooden longbow into her hands. “Hold these for me.”

Lillian did, and followed Gran around the room until they were both laden with knives and enough arrows and bolts to do some serious damage.


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