Single Girl's To-Do List by Kelk Lindsey

Single Girl's To-Do List by Kelk Lindsey

Author:Kelk, Lindsey [Kelk, Lindsey]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Romance, Contemporary, Humour, Adult
ISBN: 0007345631
Amazon: B00506C1GU
Barnesnoble: B00506C1GU
Goodreads: 10049436
Publisher: Harper
Published: 2011-06-01T06:00:00+00:00


Matthew had been delighted when we’d called him from the police station but less amused when we called asking him to bring our ID in. The problem with tiny evening bags was that they didn’t really facilitate the carrying of passports. Not that I’d been planning on getting arrested.

‘When we put “break the law” we meant nick something,’ Matthew yawned in the taxi home. He really hadn’t needed to come down in his pyjamas but I was grateful regardless. ‘Break the speed limit. Put a cat in a dustbin. Not set the fire alarms off at The Savoy and punch a supermodel in the face.’

‘Emelie punched the supermodel in the face,’ I clarified. ‘And I didn’t set the fire alarms off at The Savoy. There are no witnesses, only Ana’s word against mine and, as the lovely police officer pointed out, she’s a bit mental. It was clearly an accident.’

Em sat silently between us. She stared straight ahead, dazed and confused.

‘I’m glad you’re taking the new you thing seriously,’ he replied. ‘But maybe, when you write the letter to Simon, you don’t do it in the blood of a sacrificial virgin, OK?’

‘OK.’ That sounded like a fair compromise. ‘Oh, and Dan tried to kiss me.’

‘What?’ Emelie snapped out of her catatonia and Matthew spat his coffee all down the back of the driver’s seat.

‘Sorry.’ He gave me a full Exorcist turn across the back seat of the cab. ‘Dan tried to kiss you? Before or after your Ocean’s Eleven impression?’

‘Before,’ I rubbed my shoulder, thinking about the shiver down my spine when he’d touched me. ‘We were talking and then he just leaned in a boom. Busted a move. And Ana reckons he thinks I’m obsessed with him?’

‘No one’s obsessed with him but himself,’ Matthew scoffed. ‘Hot or not, he’s a totally self-absorbed knob.’

‘I know,’ I nodded thoughtfully. ‘She says he talks about me all the time.’

‘Ew,’ Em chimed in, ‘that’s so weird. And, more importantly, was he a good kisser?’

‘I didn’t actually kiss him.’ And I absolutely did not regret that fact, I reminded myself. ‘I stopped him.’

‘Oh,’ she looked disappointed. ‘Oh!’ And then strangely happy.

‘That guy at the bar, he was looking for you.’ She shone the light of her phone into her clutch. ‘He said he went to the loo and when he came back you were gone. He gave me his number. Ashley or something?’

‘Asher,’ I said, taking the slip of paper. Wow. He actually had gone to the toilet. I’d walked away from a cute yoga instructor that told the truth to narrowly avoid kissing an arrogant photographer who was full of bullshit. ‘Wow.’

‘The miracle of the list.’ Em waved her hands around and made spooky noises. ‘Call him. Tomorrow. Or I will.’

‘Think you two have done enough communicating on my behalf,’ I said, resting my head on Emelie’s shoulder and watching the lights of London rush by. Strangely enough, I was quite tired. ‘I’ll call him.’


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