See You by Molly Black

See You by Molly Black

Author:Molly Black [Black, Molly]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Molly Black
Published: 2022-04-15T00:00:00+00:00


“Rich! Get in here!”

Bill Matthews sat at his desk in the FBI’s Field Office for the Analysis of Violent Crime in Seattle, feeling pissed. He’d woken up pissed, and it had only grown as he went through page after page of national news regarding the FBI’s rising star.

Rylie Freaking Wolf.

He thought about that time, in this office, a month ago, when he’d given Rylie her walking papers.

“I think what you were doing was going against the rules. As usual,” he’d said.

“Possibly. But the main objective was to catch the man, right? And I—”

“Catch the man, yes. Tear up half a mile of highway? The median’s a wreck. They say it’s going to cost millions of dollars to fix!”

She’d scoffed at him, completely insolent, as always. “To plant a few bushes? Come on—"

That was enough. He’d lunged forward and slammed his palms down on his blotter, showing her he meant business. “You deliberately disobeyed orders. What about calling for back-up?”

“My phone was dead,” she’d said calmly.

“According to the police report, you slammed your government-issued vehicle into the side of his van.”

“That’s right. I had to stop him.”

“You could’ve injured the victim!” he’d shouted at her. “Not to mention that was another hundred-thousand dollars’ worth of equipment you destroyed.”

“I didn’t mean to. And I wouldn’t have hurt the kid. I made sure to hit the front of the car—”

“But still, you put that child in danger.”

“The Thompsons didn’t see it that way. They were grateful to have him back. And he wasn’t hurt. Not at all. He’s spending his night at home, safe, in bed, instead of in a cage. So it all worked out.”

He pointed a finger at her. “You’re lucky it all worked out. The next time, you might kill someone, or yourself. You understand me?”

Rylie let out a sigh. “Yes. I understand.”

He eyed her, not believing a word she was saying. “I don’t think you do. I can’t have you endangering others and yourself, destroying property, just on a whim. The FBI handbook exists for a reason.”

“The handbook is a guideline.”

He pounded the desk with a single fist. “It should be your bible! I don’t want you doing a single thing unless you find it in the pages of that book. You got it?”

“I’ve got it,” she said mock-pleasantly. She was mocking him.

His eyes narrowed. “Do you really?”

She fisted her hands on her hips. “What is that supposed to mean?”

He clenched his teeth. “Because I seem to remember bringing you in here to discuss this very thing, just last month. And the month before that.”

“Yes, but—"

“But nothing, Wolf. Stop being so emotional! If you don’t put your female emotions under control and get your act together . . .”

Something inside her seemed to snap.

She stepped forward and put both hands on his desk, leaning forward as if she was about to whisper something. But instead, she spoke at full volume. “Listen, you pretentious prick. You only got this job because your daddy needed someplace to put you where you’d stay out of trouble.


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