Restitution by Restitution

Restitution by Restitution

Author:Restitution [Evernight] (mobi)
Language: eng
Format: mobi

Saga Seven

What was that smell? Riikka jolted awake. Where was she?

She blinked a couple of times, trying to orient herself. Very slowly, she scanned around. Above her, a ceiling, but not made of wooden rafters. Underneath her, carpet? Riikka glanced about, taking in the room. She knew this place. The mantel was exactly the same as she remembered. The small crystal holder where she used to burn her tea lights hadn’t been moved. She shook as memories rushed at her, washing over her like a cold wave. Riikka stared in awe at her home. The witch had sent her back to her old life. But was it really still hers after being away so long? Panic gripped her as she realized that anyone could come in and find her. How much time had elapsed? Was it the same amount of time as she’d lived in medieval Norway? Had Lucy sold off the house? Were there new people here?

“Stop it! You aren’t making sense,” she admonished herself. The curio with all her keepsakes was still there. Why hadn’t her furniture been removed? Everything was just as she’d left it. She jumped when she heard a sound. A door opened, followed by footsteps.

“So, you’re finally back. It’s about bloody time, Miss Finland. Did it even occur to you to call? Leave a note?” Lucy stood, hands on hips, giving her the death stare. Funny how some things came back quicker than others. The instant recognition of Lucy’s death stare after so much time had elapsed was proof of cellular memory induced by fear.

Riikka wanted to speak, to explain her story to Lucy, but no words came out. She sat there, half dazed on the living room carpet, realizing that she had to remember how to speak English. It had been a while since she’d used the language. The last time being when Lucy had landed and the Kvens had thought she was a demon.

She laughed at that particular memory, not realizing just how it came across to Lucy—crazy.

“You think that’s funny? Going off with Viking lover-boy without letting me know?” Lucy used her middle finger to push her glasses further up her nose. Riikka recalled that one. A subtle manner of flipping her the bird. Nicely executed.

Riikka scrambled up, trying to straighten her clothes. She knew she must look a mess with her hair all over the place. Sand from the beach still coated the hemline of her dress.

Finally she managed to get her thoughts and words together. “I’m here,” she said, smiling at Lucy.

“Yeah. I can see that, Riikka. Don’t you think you’ve taken this medieval thing a bit far? Now, where is Viking-boy and…” Lucy had stepped toward her but quickly retreated. “Oh, Riikka, you stink! Don’t they have shower facilities at that festival?”

Did she? Riikka took in a long sniff. Yep, that awful smell was from her. In this nice clean environment, there was no question where the reek in the room came from.

“Sorry. Caffey?” Riikka stumbled on the word.


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