Realmbound: Sword of the Scion (Volume 1) by Darren Hultberg Jr & Darren Hultberg Jr

Realmbound: Sword of the Scion (Volume 1) by Darren Hultberg Jr & Darren Hultberg Jr

Author:Darren Hultberg Jr & Darren Hultberg Jr [Hultberg Jr, Darren]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2017-12-01T23:00:00+00:00

Chapter 13

A Shadow’s Ambition

I’ve done my best to protect the boy, but the machinations of Zanthios have left us separated… for now. I can only hope that what I’ve taught him thus far will be enough to keep him alive. Please… watch over him.

-A prayer from Darien to the goddess, Elunia

At least an hour had passed before Malichron’s eyelids slowly peeled open. The platinum-haired scion blinked a few times before he finally gained his wits. He tossed and turned on the ground, trying to free his arms, but found that they were bound tightly behind his back with a leather belt.

Malichron stopped struggling and sat up, his face twisted in anger. He tried to call forth his array of shadowy powers, but an outside force was holding them at bay, preventing him from unleashing his wrath. It was then that he noticed the blue gem tied tightly to his neck. “Damn you, Cade,” he spat, recognizing the Jewel of Aketesh and its inhibitive powers.

Cade turned to him and shot him a primal glare. “Be glad I don’t start my quest for vengeance right here.”

Malichron let out a mocking laugh. “Fool. I didn’t kill Belmond and you know it.”

“You may as well have! You sat by idle as Jaycen beat him down, as he destroyed him!” Cade’s eyes began to fill with rage as he shouted.

Malichron shook his head in denial. “You fools really have no idea what’s going on, do you? You’re so quick to cast the stone. Your brother and I, we were the only ones that truly tried to help Jaycen!”

Cade balled his hands into fists and began to march towards Malichron, but Darien quickly stepped in between them, halting his charge. “What are you talking about?” he growled. “Jaycen is the one who let the demon prince into our world! He’s now brought two realms to ruin!”

Malichron shook his head once more, dismissing Darien’s heated comments. “Again, your foolishness shines through. Just because Jaycen no longer wanted to take part in your ‘selfless crusade’ to save Valion, does not mean he sought to leave the realm in ruin.” Darien and Cade stood at attention, though Cade looked ready to lash out at any second. Regardless, they were listening, so Malichron went on.

“Jaycen actually wanted to make Valion a better place, just like you. He wanted to make the realm a utopia. But the work he saw you two doing, putting out fires, building bridges, they were menial tasks. Things that would be undone by the next conflict or disaster. He sought a greater power, power that would give him the strength to make meaningful, lasting change.”

“So, he made a deal with the demon prince?” Cade snapped.

“No, the opposite. He sought the power of the goddess… Jaycen, Belmond, and I, we went to every corner of Valion, searching through ancient tomes, scouring ruins of places long forgotten. We found things…. Pieces of Valion’s dark history that had been buried…. But then we discovered the temple.”

“…Temple?” Darien questioned.

“Yes,” Malichron replied emphatically.


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