Project: Adapt - Develop: A Space Fantasy Alien Romance (Book 3) by Jade Waltz

Project: Adapt - Develop: A Space Fantasy Alien Romance (Book 3) by Jade Waltz

Author:Jade Waltz [Waltz, Jade]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Jade Waltz
Published: 2020-07-24T04:00:00+00:00

Chapter Twelve


Zirene sat at his desk in the private office he’d built above the villa’s warehouse to attend to what his Nova called his ‘princely duties.’ He’d wanted a workspace on the grounds of Selena's villa, to be near his clan while he was moon-side between missions, but he wanted to keep its location hidden. He planned to keep this office a secret from the empire. Not because he was ashamed of Selena, the cubs, or their home life, but because he didn't want his father to know exactly how much time he spent on Destima.

As long as all of his star system’s paperwork was done and managed well, he should be free to do as he wanted.

Zirene had done all of that, plus some. No other Aldawi star system had made the technological advances his had. His fleet was unparalleled in the empire, enhanced by his super soldiers; he dared others to try and take over.

Anyone who tested him swiftly met their doom, rejoining the Stars as dust and awaiting Fates’ judgment.

He growled in frustration, his flicking tail showing his agents exactly how agitated he was about the news.

The male who’d attacked Selena on the space station was arrogant enough to attempt—and somehow succeed in—another attack, on her land.

How was he supposed to protect her from an unknown force while he was away?

Zirene rolled his nails on his desk, eyeing the flickering message on his display screen titled with his most recent summons, as he tried to come up with another way to delay the inevitable.

His father, the Aldawi Sovereign, was demanding his presence at the palace, growing angrier each time Zirene declined his summons.

Just like the mysterious voice sneaking through Selena’s mental shields and breaking another wall of their void chamber, he knew the Sovereign wasn’t afraid to use dishonorable tactics to get his way.

Zirene was afraid that sooner or later, he might anger his father enough for him to threaten Selena and their cubs to force him to cooperate. If she’d thought the CEG Assembly were brutal interrogators, they were nothing compared to his father. Zirene would rather face the Assembly a hundred times than be subjected to the Sovereign’s scrutiny.

He could only imagine what his father would tell his Nova to cut her down and demoralize her, breaking apart all his clan’s efforts to build her inner strength. His father believed females made males weak, and only wanted two things: power and credits. That was why Zirene wasn’t close to his sister. As she’d matured, she had begun to rebel against the Sovereign, so she’d been sent off to an all-female Aldawi colony.

Zirene had only managed to protect his two half-brothers from his father’s torment after he gained rulership of Aldawi’s second-star system. He’d offered them a job, and they had belonged in Lunkai ever since.

This Xenak of Verya, the mysterious cyan presence, currently bugged him the most.

He believed Selena was his enemy because of her connection to her masters, the Yaarkins. In Xenak’s mind, the creation of his enemy was an enemy, too—regardless of the creation’s actions.


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