One Night Stand by Corina Eichholz

One Night Stand by Corina Eichholz

Author:Corina Eichholz [Eichholz, Corina]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: novel
Publisher: Corina Eichholz
Published: 2019-07-31T05:00:00+00:00

I felt my heart pounding fast in my chest, this man was going to be my undoing. If he couldn’t melt my frozen heart and break through all my barriers, then no one could. I couldn’t get over how sweet and thoughtful this man was but more importantly why? Why was he so sweet to me? It made no sense; I did nothing but push him away and use him for sex. I didn’t deserve his kindness. I walked into the kitchen to make myself some dinner and was shocked to see all the dirty dishes from the night before and breakfast were gone. I opened the cabinets and was stunned to find, that Axel had not only washed them all but he’d spent the time figuring out where they all went. He had to stop being so kind and making me feel all these emotions. If Chris had even done this once, I would have been so over the moon. Axel did this when he owed me nothing and didn’t act like he expected or wanted anything for doing it, I was floored. He just continued to surprise me. I texted him a quick thank you for doing the dishes. It was the least I could do; the small gesture really warmed my heart.


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