Monster Girl Islands 5 by Logan Jacobs

Monster Girl Islands 5 by Logan Jacobs

Author:Logan Jacobs [Jacobs, Logan]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2020-05-31T22:00:00+00:00

Chapter Nine

“What is that?” Jemma breathed. Her normally creamy face had paled to nearly white with complete and utter shock as she stared at the dragon with unblinking chartreuse eyes, and I imagined my expression was probably very similar to hers.

No one answered her question, though. We were all in way too much shock to even be able to form a sound, let alone a string of them and put some sort of answer together for Jemma.

The truth was, I didn’t even really have an answer. I knew what a dragon was, since I’d been so damn obsessed with magic and fairy tales, and all that kind of shit kids loved. But my wildest daydreams about fire breathing beasts that soared through the skies and rained terror down upon unsuspecting townsfolk had absolutely nothing on what it was like to see a dragon, alive and in the flesh right in front of me.

I’d wrongly assumed it wouldn’t faze me one bit to have my suspicions confirmed in real life. Hell, I’d already washed up onshore of a tropical paradise in another world, where I was faced with women who had scales and brightly colored skin. Then a baby water dragon bonded with me and coughed up a stone, which I’d then eaten without another thought.

I’d also talked to ancient water dragons. And gods. And fought off orcs and wargs. And giant sea squids. And vampire bears. So, a real live, fire breathing dragon should have had absolutely no effect on me.

That assumption was completely and utterly wrong, though.

I mean… dragons were totally awesome.

I couldn’t even force my lungs to draw in a breath as I stared at the massive sleeping beast. We were probably about a thousand feet away from it, and about a hundred feet above it, but even from that distance, I could see the beast was absolutely massive in size. It was probably the length of a football field, and just as wide. There was no telling how big its wingspan was from so far away, though, since the wings were curled up against its sides as it nestled against the egg protectively.

I assumed this meant it was a female dragon, which only made me want to be even more cautious. One thing that didn’t change no matter which world I was in was a mother’s basic instinct to protect her child at all costs. A fire breathing dragon would be absolutely no different, and the orc ship was only proof of that.

I also understood now exactly what had happened. Somehow, the orcs must have ended up with her egg. I was sure they wanted to hatch a baby dragon themselves and keep the beast the same way they’d kept the wargs. Thankfully, their plan hadn’t turned out exactly the way they wanted it to. I didn’t even want to imagine the terror they could have wreaked upon my world if they had a massive, winged, fire breathing beast on their side.

We’d all be toast.

“How exactly did you come upon this egg, Nadir?” Mira murmured to the black-haired woman.


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