Monster Girl Islands 4 by Logan Jacobs

Monster Girl Islands 4 by Logan Jacobs

Author:Logan Jacobs [Jacobs, Logan]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2020-04-20T22:00:00+00:00

Chapter Nine

The tone of his voice sent a chill down my spine. The old man sounded scared. Out of all the insane things we’d dealt with since Marella had found Jonas in the jungle, he’d never once sounded scared of anything. Nervous? Yes. Worried? Hell freaking yes. But scared?

Never. The dude fucking walked into the jungle to commit suicide because he thought he was a burden to his family.

“Jonas, tell me you know what that is,” I urged.

The ships sailed onwards even more, and if they stayed on their current course, I knew exactly where they would be headed.

My island.

I made sure to keep my features as still as stone so Jemma wouldn’t get a clue these ghost ships made me nervous. The deer woman had all but shrunk into my side after Jonas had noticed the ships, and for the first time since the day I’d met her, I could feel Jemma shake in fear.

“Jonas, please, what are those?” she whispered in a hoarse voice.

“They are maldungs,” Jonas replied. His throat was so dry the words came out crackled, like the way it sounds when someone had been on a ventilator for days on end and was finally able to speak again.

Just as I was about to ask Jonas what the hell a maldung actually was, the ships disappeared.

As in, they were there one second, and then just gone the next. The ocean was once again completely clear, without a single sign of intelligent life. There wasn’t even a ripple on the water where the three massive ships had been seconds before.

“What the hell?” I swore again.

“Yes, they will do that,” Jonas sighed and rubbed at his wrinkled brow.

“What do you know about them?” I demanded.

I turned to look at the old man to find he wore a nearly vacant expression on his face. Then, all of a sudden, he started to sway, and I threw my arms out to catch him before he fainted and tumbled off the sharp grey rocks and into the jungle below.

This was obviously bad news.

“I need to sit down,” he murmured.

“Let me help,” I instructed.

Jemma helped me gently lower Jonas to a flat part of the rocks where we could sit and still see the eastern part of the ocean, and I kept one eye trained on the vibrant blue water where the ships had disappeared.

If they decided to come back into view, I wanted to be ready.

“I never thought they were real.” Jonas shook his head in disbelief, and his watery blue eyes had a faraway, vacant look to them as he thought about the ships.

“Are they another legend?” I asked as I chewed my lip nervously. I thought about the fact Mira had believed the sea monsters to be legends, until we’d been attacked by two of them.

“They are.” He nodded. “Although, I have to admit, since your arrival, Ben, I am starting to think of these stories less as legends and more as history.”

“Glad I could be the catalyst for


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