Messiah by J.E. Taylor

Messiah by J.E. Taylor

Author:J.E. Taylor [Taylor, J.E.]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: superhero, Dystopian, Alien, war, runaway, romance, domes, Future
Publisher: JET-Fueled Fiction
Published: 2018-06-05T06:00:00+00:00

MATTHEW SQUASHED HIS own anger and waited as the president played each possible scenario over in his mind. He sat back down, knowing the president did this with every major decision. He turned the chair in the direction of the president and hardened his gaze so it was just as unreadable as his thoughts.

Finally the president turned. “You have put me in a particularly sensitive spot Commander,” he began. “There are several routes I could take to address this situation. However, most of them are as despicable as the monsters that sent that boy into space.” President Foster paused and glanced at the door. “He is obviously hot-headed, but still displays a level of respect that’s admirable considering he’s only been in your care for six years. However, I’m troubled by the matter of teenage pregnancy.” He shook his head. “I’m not so sure it is in his best interest to stay here in Dallas.” He walked to the desk and leaned on it with his fists. “I want him under government control,” he said to Matthew.

“André isn’t something to be controlled,” Matthew said, holding his ground. “He is my son and you will not exploit him. After he finishes high school here in Dallas, I will personally recruit him into the armed service, where he will report directly to me through this base,” Matthew finished, pointing his finger on the desk as he stood. “Sir,” he added standing tall and proud, his eyes not wavering from the president’s.

Anger flared in President Foster’s eyes. “I don’t take kindly to my staff barking orders at me,” President Foster said.

Matthew nodded. “I don’t take kindly to anyone threatening my family, sir.”

The president crossed his arms. “I should fire you right now.”

“That’s your prerogative, sir,” Matthew said, his tone matching the bite of the president’s.

“Goddamn it, Matt! We’ve known each other for years.”

“Yes we have, sir.”

The president’s mouth pinched with frustration. “Stop with the formalities for just a moment. Why the hell didn’t you tell me when you found him?”

Matthew weighed his response. “Mitch, your first instinct was to exploit him, not protect him. It would have been the same six years ago. You would have found a way to use him as leverage in your campaign.”

“Jesus Christ, you were always such a Boy Scout.” The president stood, crossing his arms. “I honestly don’t know whether to fire you or give you a commendation.”

Matthew smiled.

“The exposure of an alien cover-up would kill my chances of a second term in office,” he replied to Matthew’s smile.

Matthew nodded. Not to mention my career. “I’ll make sure this is kept under wraps for the time being,” Matthew said, wondering just how he was going to pull that off with André’s science teacher.

“This will have to come out at some point Matt, and I’ll be the one who will deliver the message.” President Foster leveled his gaze at Matthew, making his point without saying a word.

Matthew nodded, accepting the silent order. “Hopefully, at that point he will be enlisted and under my command, training an elite force of special officers.


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