Meet Me in Hawaii by Georgia Toffolo

Meet Me in Hawaii by Georgia Toffolo

Author:Georgia Toffolo [Toffolo, Georgia]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Published: 2021-02-15T00:00:00+00:00

Chapter Twelve


Kalani came up alongside Todd, his grin all-knowing as Nalu trotted up behind him, giving a little woof of his own. Were they both teasing him?

Yes, it was Thursday, and yes, he knew he’d become a bit of a fixture since Tuesday afternoon when he’d started setting up camp at the beachside café next door to the surf school. But from here, he could work on his laptop, the thatched-palm umbrellas providing ample shade and the staff being kind enough to rig him up an extension lead when his power was running low. And he could take in the amazing progress the kids were making under Malie’s expert tuition.

‘It’s good to see them coming along so well.’ He looked back to the water and the group having such obvious fun in the waves.

It was more than good, it was fantastic, thrilling even, but it wasn’t the real reason he was there. Truth was he couldn’t stay away. He’d tried to and managed one whole distracted-to-the-brink-of-insanity day. That had been Monday and his intentions had been good. He’d wanted to give Malie space after what had happened, not knowing where they now stood in spite of the pact and the agreement to put the day behind them.

But he’d spent the entire time apart stuck on her, he couldn’t forget it. Not the kiss and not the life history they’d shared. His heart ached for her even now. The woman who’d lost her brother and effectively lost her place with her parents too. It was one thing to never know family, to have never experienced what it’s like to be part of a loving whole, he’d been there. But to have lived and breathed that life, only to have it taken away, to mourn it…

‘You don’t look too happy about it.’

Todd pulled his eyes from the water again to see Kalani frowning down at him and realized he too was frowning. He forced his face to relax into a smile. ‘I’m more than happy.’

‘Worrying that the kids are better than you, hey?’ he teased and Todd laughed.

‘They have age on their side.’

‘So true…’

They both looked to the sea as Malie high-fived an exuberant Tara. The young girl was hardly recognizable now. He’d never seen her looking so alive, so happy and carefree. Malie had worked wonders on her and he really was happy, but he missed the way things had been between them.

That one day had given him a glimpse of another life, one filled with fun and laughter, of someone to share it all with, and no matter how much he tried he couldn’t shake it off.

It didn’t matter that they’d agreed it was best all round, that neither of them wanted to pursue a relationship or anything more – he couldn’t stop wanting it.

And he could see the fight in her too. The look in her eye, part fear, part panic, part want, and no amount of trying to act normal around each other eased it.

‘So, when are you going to come for your next lesson? Malie tells me you’ve not booked it in yet.


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