Lockdown by Augusta Li

Lockdown by Augusta Li

Author:Augusta Li [Li, Augusta]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2012-05-26T12:24:01+00:00


by Augusta Li, Eon de Beaumont Taro pushed Brian's hands off of his shoulders and grasped the young hero's chin. Brian tried to break away, but Taro held firmly and forced him to meet his dark gaze. "There are only two problems with your theory. The first is that I'm not going to let you capture me. The second is, no matter what you accomplish, you won't please your father. You're not going to find any peace until you accept yourself."

"Don't you see I can't?" A rush of emotion, as sudden and devastating as a typhoon, overwhelmed Brian. Taro looked up at him, concern pouring from his beautiful eyes. Part of him wanted to confide in the Excellent First Son. Taro had also killed dozens of people and orchestrated the collapse of whole governments. It was still difficult for Brian to believe his compassionate charade. Taro also spoke truths Brian had known in his heart for years: his father would never be proud of him, no matter what he did, and he'd never be happy living only to impress the old prick. And yet, the yearnings of his soul, the idea of his father's, and the world's, reaction to them, terrified Brian. Confusion, conflicting desires, and long-buried guilt brought tears to his eyes. "I'm not flashy and daring like you are," he told Taro, his voice cracking. "I can't deal with what people will say. Of course you can handle it!

You—You're a god!"

"Half," Taro whispered, mock-humbly. "But you are brave and strong as well."

"I'm not!" A pain in his chest and belly made Brian drop to his knees. His face slumped into his palms and he cried out years of resentment. Taro crouched down and held him, and he struggled against the embrace for only a minute before 23


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