Life by Rosie Scott

Life by Rosie Scott

Author:Rosie Scott [Scott, Rosie]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2018-06-27T22:00:00+00:00


“I'm going to retire for the night,” Cyrus announced, standing abruptly from the table. Uriel glanced up at him with concern from the next chair over.

“Is everything okay?” Altan asked him. “You look upset.”

“The ale didn't sit well,” Cyrus lied, before hurrying to leave. Uriel and I exchanged glances as the door opened and shut.

I stood from the table and patted Altan on the shoulder. “If I'm not back within the hour, I'll buy you another keg tomorrow.”

Altan raised an eyebrow and grinned. “Sure. Feel free to buy me ale anytime.”

I tapped Azazel on the shoulder as I turned to leave, and he stood to follow. I gave Cerin a look that said I'd meet with him later and hurried out the door.

Cyrus walked briskly along the riverside toward the east, and Azazel and I quickly caught up to him. The Sentinel glanced over as we approached, and despite his inner turmoil, he seemed relieved to see us.

“Where are you going?” I asked him.

“I planned on following this river until it ended,” he replied.

“You want to watch the ocean, then,” I surmised.

“Maybe I'll keep walking once I get there.”

“Don't say that,” I scolded him softly.

Cyrus blew a hard exhale through his lips. “All right. I won't.”

“Can we join you?” I asked. “If you want to be alone, I'll respect that. But it seems like you could use an ear or two.”

“Or four,” Azazel added beside me.

Cyrus smiled softly at that, though he kept his eyes on the starry skies. “I want nothing more than for you both to join me,” he admitted. “I've been so busy getting this city ready for an attack that I haven't had time to think.”

I sympathized with that. We had all been working over the past weeks to rebuild Olympia, collect intel, establish new trading routes between the city and Monte and Pisces in the north, and prepare our soldiers for further battles. Other than Quellden, Olympia's takeover was the largest I'd had a part in. Winning land during a war was always exhilarating, but it was the small details that came into play afterward that could be overwhelming.

Olympia was beautiful tonight. Because we were on its lowest tier, its fiery braziers seemed to stretch into the sky to our right. Even higher above that, the dwarven sculptures in the mountains blocked out many of the stars because they rivaled the heavens. The well-lit cobblestone streets highlighted patrolling Vhiri soldiers and dwarven civilians who were out late. Like in Monte, many of the civilians had tried their best to continue their lives as best they could. Unlike in the smaller towns, however, many of the dwarves had stopped working in protest. There were service workers who didn't want their work to aid the Eteri Army, and many shop owners closed up their businesses to refuse service to all. We'd also had scuffles and fights break out between the dwarves and Vhiri because tensions were high.

The one thing we hadn't expected was how many dwarves were willing to warm up to the Alderi which were now throughout the city under Calder's command.


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