Kidnapped by the Enemy: An Instalove Mafia Dark Short Romance (Crystal Cove Casino Book 1) by Nyla Lily

Kidnapped by the Enemy: An Instalove Mafia Dark Short Romance (Crystal Cove Casino Book 1) by Nyla Lily

Author:Nyla Lily [Lily, Nyla]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Independent
Published: 2024-02-05T00:00:00+00:00


I don’t test my luck by opening my door again once I step inside. With the thoughts spiraling around in my head, I can hardly even use my legs correctly.

The moment I collapse on my bed, I hide beneath my blankets with my fingers glued to my lips and my thighs pressed together to contain the heat forming between them.

Dante Lombardi stole my first kiss and a countless amount of them after. My mouth is still tingling from the way he nipped at them.

He didn’t just stop there. The ache between my legs is still throbbing even after the release that shook through me. Now that was an orgasm. Looks like I won’t have to depend on my hand tonight.

Oh boy.

How am I going to be able to look at him when morning rolls around? This is all new to me. Should I expect more kisses, or will our moment in the elevator be a one-time thing?

Everything is going to be complicated, that’s for sure. Once more, I’ll be tossed into another day full of unexpected events. The best thing I can do is keep my composure and not beg him for another shared moment of intensity.

With my heart aching just as much, I wonder how safe it is to expose myself like this. I’ve never felt so vulnerable in my life. I’ve never loved a man before either. This is all foreign land and I’m not much of an explorer.

I’m scared. Funny enough, not even the thought of dying left me this anxious.

Twisting around, I groan into my pillow. Thankfully, all my frustrated noises are muffled.

Sleep. All I need is some rest and I’ll be ready to face tomorrow. By then, I might even have the courage to look Dante in the eye again. Hopefully.

* * *

Those three matching knocks don’t come, but I’m relieved to find Dante waiting in the lobby. We’ve got our routine down, and I’m guessing this is a continuation of the test that might not be a test. I’m still a bit decisive about the keycard weighing down my pocket.

When he didn’t come to fetch me, I thought he trusted me enough to go back and forth to work without him as well. The feeling that crawled into my gut at that thought was not a good one.

Thankfully, I find him in the same spot as always. Ready to guide me to our next destination.

“Good morning.” Catching him on his phone, I wonder what has his attention. If I have to guess, it’s something work-related. He’s always such a busy man.

He meets my smile with a soft one of his own. Returning his greeting, he tucks the device away and offers his arm.

Right. He’d never abandon this blind woman. Not during the day, anyway. I’ll have to wait and see about nighttime.

Neither of us is in a rush to bring up the kiss or the aftermath of it. I’m a bit disappointed by the silence. I’d prepped myself up during my morning shower to have some courage by the time he mentioned it.


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