Kat Out of the Bag by Wendy Kendall

Kat Out of the Bag by Wendy Kendall

Author:Wendy Kendall [Kendall, Wendy]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Purse; Handbag; Mystery; Cozy Mystery; Katherine Watson; In Purse-Suit; Purse-onality
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Published: 2020-04-20T00:00:00+00:00

Chapter Nineteen

Museum guests, Ida’s speech, WebEx meetings with Rodeo Drive, and clue review had kept her busy, but Katherine was determined to make it to the Tuesday night council meeting. It was the first without Brenda, and important that her legacy is preserved.

The first surprise was the security guard standing at the door. Jason was searching all bags at the entry. Behind him the city council meeting chambers gleamed bright from the new, LED, solar ceiling lights. As the many observers entered through security, they squinted like underground moles emerging into a shiny, summer day. Some of them even reached out to slide a hand along the rich, wood paneling to guide themselves as their eyes adjusted. The administrative assistant was beaming as she greeted everyone. She handed each person an agenda, answered comments about the new lights, and assured others that the meeting was expected to start on time.

Katherine and Jason greeted each other. Tonight, Katherine had elected for an understated, all business look, embodied in a flat, cream-colored suede clutch that was shaped just like an envelope. It was large enough to carry a few papers, and some essentials like her cell and skinny wallet. It opened just like an envelope too, with a hidden zipper underneath to keep all contents secure. She faced Jason squarely. “You don’t need to look through my purse. You know there’s nothing diabolical inside.”

Jason grinned briefly then held his hand out and said, “It’s my job to check all bags going into the council room. You don’t want to hold up the line.”

There was a small crowd behind her. She groaned and handed her purse to him. He checked it and handed it back. “Enjoy the meeting.” He motioned her through the doors into chambers.

There were a dozen rows of very long, straight backed benches, divided by a middle aisle and facing a raised platform where there was a long, semi-circular wooden desk with name tags displayed every couple of feet for seven council members.

Katherine settled in the middle of the front bench directly across from the name plate “Mayor Pro Tem”. No stickers added to the nameplate like the butterflies, whales, dolphins, scuba divers, that Brenda had decorated hers with when she was mayor. Katherine realized that besides proclamations, speeches, and votes, there were lots of subtle ways Brenda had made her priorities known. Now Judith would sit there.

Katherine didn’t want to miss a chance to speak. She checked the agenda to be sure building height limits was still included. Yes, buried between stray pet enforcement, and adjournment. It promised to be a long night. Katherine shifted on the rigid bench and glanced at the other people sitting along it. Rob gave her a brief wave. She assumed he was covering the meeting for the Bayside Herald. She smiled at him. Out of the corner of her eye a tie dye abstract pattern moved toward her. “Oh,” Katherine let out an involuntary gasp as Moonjava homed in on the spot next to her.


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