Jingle Spells by Rose Pressey

Jingle Spells by Rose Pressey

Author:Rose Pressey [Pressey, Rose]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2018-11-29T06:00:00+00:00

Chapter 13

I loaded up the cookies into the car and headed over Mrs. Evan’s office. She worked at the Chamber of Commerce. I assumed that I would find her there. She hadn’t specifically said what time she would be. I guessed she’d thought I would read her mind. Maybe I should’ve called first. Oh, well. It was too late now, I was already headed there.

If she wasn’t there, then I would call. She couldn’t expect me to chase her down around town all day.

In order to get to the Chamber of Commerce I had to drive right past the cottages. I wished I could stop there first because I really wanted to know what was going on with the investigation. I’d texted Tom, but he’d been vague about any new details.

I drove by the entrance. There were still plenty of cars in the drive. I bet this was annoying to the innkeeper. I looked for Tom’s car as I drove past, but I couldn’t find it in the crowd. I wasn’t sure if he wasn’t there or if I had just missed it. I tried to slow down to get a better look, but there were several cars behind me and I knew they would honk their horns soon if I didn’t move it.

I would hurry to the Chamber of Commerce, give the cookies to Mrs. Evans and then rush back over to the cottages. I’d drop them off at the door if I thought I could get away with it. Anything just so I wouldn’t have to talk to her.

I arrived in the downtown section of Mystic Hollow and made my way over to the building that housed the Chamber of Commerce. I wasn’t looking forward to this, but I knew I had to get it over with. I was surprised Mrs. Evans hadn’t already called to see where I was. After finding a parking spot along the street, I got out of the car and grabbed a container of cookies. I double-checked to make sure that I had the right one. It was written right there on the top that it was for Mrs. Evans. I released a sigh of relief now that I was here and had the correct cookies. Though I wouldn’t be completely out of the clear until she tasted them and gave her approval.

I hurried down the sidewalk toward the entrance with the cookies in my arms. What could go wrong at this point? Oh, yes, I remembered. I should never ask that because when I did something inevitably always did. Not this time though. These cookies were perfect. Even if I had baked them.

“Elly!” someone called out.

I spun around to see who had called my name. I didn’t notice anyone looking my way or recognize anyone. I’d thought for sure I heard someone call out to me. Maybe I’d imagined it. I stood there for a few more seconds trying to spot the person who called out to me. This was extremely odd. I knew I’d heard someone, but no one was acting as if they were looking for me.


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