Into the Between by Anna Webb

Into the Between by Anna Webb

Author:Anna Webb [Webb, Anna]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: VTLC Publishing
Published: 2016-09-01T22:00:00+00:00


They moved quickly towards the gap in the river. With a start, she noticed he wasn’t wearing his normal leather baldric. In fact, his hands were weaponless. As they reached the gap, the silver tattooed dragons on his right arm came to life – twisting and writhing their way down his arm. She blinked and missed the moment of transformation – the tattoo was gone and in his hands were two beautiful silver swords, intricately engraved with two dragons.

It was one mystery solved, but she didn’t have time to ponder the details. The darkness was moving. The Revenants had found them.

All the training in the world couldn’t truly prepare one for real combat. Her heartbeat thundered in her ears, so loudly that it washed away all other noise. Her grip on her swords felt slippery and uncertain as a layer of nervous sweat formed in her palms.

She tightened her grip.

There was a moment of perfect stillness before the storm broke. Alex moved effortlessly into action beside her, his movements precise, graceful and utterly lethal.

Her world narrowed into the two Revenants before her.

They attacked simultaneously – black shadows of nightmares made whole. Their swords clashed against hers, separated by a split second. She took the first hit with her right sword and the force travelled through the metal, sending tremors up her arm. It was like an alarm clock going off, finally spurring her into action. She allowed instinct to take over – instinct that had been drilled into her by endless hours of training.

Allyra met them blow for blow, blocking their black, jagged swords. She made full use of her increased speed and agility, keeping them moving, constantly chasing after her. She forced herself to be patient, with two opponents; a single mistake would mean her death. She searched for an opportunity, an opening that would allow her to deliver as much damage as possible.

She’d never been particularly patient and during training Alex had admonished her more than once for leaving herself vulnerable just to pursue an attack. Now, she was painfully aware that training was over; any vulnerability she presented now would mean a permanent end.

So she waited. She stepped and parried and danced around them. Time took on a fluid quality – it might have been minutes or hours or days.

Allyra stepped lightly to avoid a jagged blade, flicked her sword around in her hand and slammed it deep into the Revenant’s back as she moved around it. She pulled the sword back and felt thick, liquid like flesh swallowing it, pulling against her. It was like rotten meat. The smell of putrefaction wafted toward her, reinforcing the idea in her mind. She swallowed down on the bile rising in her throat – now was not the time to be queasy – she could throw up later, but now she had to focus on survival. Her sword pulled free and she kicked the Revenant away, turning her attention to the second one.

One on one, she stood a better chance and concentrated on forcing an opportunity to deliver an actual kill blow.


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