Hard Merchandise by K W. Jeter

Hard Merchandise by K W. Jeter

Author:K W. Jeter [Jeter, K W.]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2011-04-05T23:00:00+00:00

"While substantial, they were nevertheless limited and predictable.

And I would be on hand to circumvent them, in case Neelah had aroused any of Jabba's crueler desires-the Hutt, like all of his greedy species, might have been averse to meeting my price, but he valued my services enough to have made a standing offer for me to stay on at his palace for as long as I cared to."

"So you could keep an eye on me," said Neelah. Her gaze narrowed as she slowly nodded. "But more than that-you had already come to a dead end, trying to find out anything about me, who I really was, why somebody had done all those things to me. So you passed me off as a mere dancing girl, bringing me there to Jabba's palace while I was still too confused to even know what you were doing. But what you were really hoping for was that someone in that crowd of thugs and criminals in Jabba's court would recognize me for who I really was- and that would be how you'd find out how to turn a profit from me!"

"That possibility had occurred to me. Jabba's palace was a crossroads for all sorts of the galaxy's lowlife; some of them had even been in business with Ree Duptom before. There was always a chance that one of them might have had an inkling about what kind of scheme he had been engaged upon when he met his death-who he was working for, and what they were trying to accomplish."

The corner of Neelah's mouth twisted in a sneer. "I guess it's too bad for both of us, then, that you didn't find out anything."

"Ah." A trace of amusement filtered into Boba Fett's voice. "But that's where you're wrong. I did discover something. Perhaps not the whole truth-your real name and where you came from-but enough to follow up on.

Enough that might lead us to that mutually profitable truth."

Standing beside Neelah, Dengar could see her hands tightening into fists.

"Tell me," commanded Neelah. "Now."


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