Handbook of Modern Sensors by Jacob Fraden

Handbook of Modern Sensors by Jacob Fraden

Author:Jacob Fraden
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Springer International Publishing, Cham


When electromagnetic energy at the resonant frequency is sent down the waveguide, all the energy dissipates in the resistor. If, however, the resonant frequency of the termination changes (say, because of a change in capacitance), a fraction of the energy is reflected back toward the source. As the capacitance continues to change, the energy reflected increases. Antennas that work like this are said to be out of tune. In this situation, one could use a commercially available reflection coefficient bridge (RCB) between the radio frequency (RF) source and the waveguide termination. The RCB generates a DC voltage proportional to the energy reflected. Then the antenna can be adjusted until the bridge output voltage is a minimum and the energy transmitted is a maximum.


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