Girl Five: Bound by Molly Black

Girl Five: Bound by Molly Black

Author:Molly Black [Black, Molly]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Molly Black
Published: 2022-03-29T16:00:00+00:00


Johnson’s was about as large and old a department store as Maya had seen, occupying most of a large building in the center of town. It was the kind of place that was just worn enough to suggest history rather than dilapidation, and that in turn suggested something more upmarket than the average chain department store.

This was the kind of place that Philadelphia’s wealthier residents might go to buy everything they needed, at least when they weren’t having it delivered by a personal shopper.

Maya stared at the window displays, with their elegantly expensive dresses and their glittering jewelry.

“Do you think that working somewhere like this might have been a part of it?” she asked Marco.

“What do you mean?”

“Working here, seeing all these fancy things? We’ve seen how Vincent Westridge lives. Maybe some part of him couldn’t stand seeing people who had more money than him showing it off while he was working two jobs to live there.”

She saw Marco shrug. She guessed that Vincent’s motives were less important to him right then than just the question of whether he was the killer they were looking for.

“It doesn’t excuse anything. I’m not even sure it really explains anything,” Marco said.

“You’re not interested in the reasons people commit the crimes they do?” Maya was a little surprised by that. She knew Marco was a good detective, and she’d assumed that a part of that was some capacity to go deep into cases and understand the people involved.

“I’m interested if it lets us catch them,” Marco explained. “Beyond that? There are plenty of people in the same situation as this guy. Not all of them kill people.”

“No, but understanding this killer’s motives might help us catch him quicker,” Maya said.

Marco gestured to the front door, staffed by a liveried greeter. “If you’re right about Vincent Westridge, then we’re just about to do that regardless of his motives.”

If it was him. Maya was pretty confident at this point, having seen the trinkets that he’d collected from people, but she knew they needed more evidence than that. They would need to question him, and try to get something from him that could tie him definitively to one of the murder scenes. That would be hard, if he was determined not to talk and they only had a little time to do it.

How far would Maya go to get answers? It was a question that she’d asked herself a lot, recently, because it seemed that, with her sister’s life on the line, she would do almost anything she had to. It was as if some fragment of her old military training had kicked in, where the goal was to complete the mission, almost regardless of what it took to do it. It was an instinct that had helped to keep her alive in her time in the Middle East, but as an investigator, it was a long way from the meticulous care and attention to the rules that she’d developed while working cold cases.

For now, though, they still had to find Vincent.


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