Forging the Atomic Shield: Excerpts From the Office Diary of Gordon E. Dean by Roger M. Anders

Forging the Atomic Shield: Excerpts From the Office Diary of Gordon E. Dean by Roger M. Anders

Author:Roger M. Anders [Anders, Roger M.]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Biography & Autobiography, Political
ISBN: 9780807857236
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Publisher: University of North Carolina Press
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≡June 21, 1951

Dr. DeHoffmann called from Los Alamos and said he believes GD knew there was an agreement made at Princeton for Teller and Bradbury to have a talk; DeHoffmann said they had a very long talk at which no agreement was reached. Teller made an offer to stay if he had administrative responsibility over that part of the program only (thermonuclear) and could actually help it along—that led to a deadlock. Bradbury has written a memorandum to Teller in which he says: following our conversation of yesterday afternoon there appears to be three proposals I would like to make: (1) I strongly believe that it is of the utmost importance to the country that you remain with the program—as Assistant Director for Weapons Development; or (2) would like to suggest your becoming a consultant to the laboratory; will be willing to furnish you with a staff; or (3) we might establish a consultant agreement at Chicago with you so that you could continue the work—and establish a project at Chicago. Would like to have you consider favorably the first suggestion. GD said the first one is certainly preferable to the other two suggestions. Dr. DeHoffmann says from Teller’s point of view there is no change in the situation; DeHoffmann thinks the situation is this: Of the three alternatives, he (Teller) leans toward #2 or #3. Of course, there is a 4th alternative: gradually going out of the program entirely—this is a great possibility. GD said he would certainly urge him to take the 1st alternative for the time-being at least. Dr. DeHoffmann said he thought if GD found it possible to discuss the situation with him [emphasizing] the project’s importance, rather than [as] a personality problem, he is willing and anxious to see you. He could be there tomorrow. I think you might convince him. GD said let me sleep on it tonight; I wish you would urge him to take #1. DeHoffmann said if GD thought he would do any good by his coming also, he would be glad to come. GD said he would think about it—will you urge him to take #1 ? GD promised to let DeHoffmann know tomorrow. DeHoffmann gave his phone numbers in case GD wanted them: 2-3037, 2-4140 and 2-3353 (home) and also gave Teller’s home: 2-3408.1


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