Descendant by S M Gaither

Descendant by S M Gaither

Author:S M Gaither [Gaither, S M]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2020-04-27T04:00:00+00:00



If Kael hadn’t picked me up and half-carried, half-dragged me out of the house, I don’t think I ever would have gotten up off my living room floor.

It wasn’t fair.

It was too much.

What had I done to deserve this? More importantly—what had Lora done?

I should have been there.

They should have taken me instead.

I wish they’d taken me instead.

“We don’t have time to be asking why right now, Alex,” Kael said, setting me back on my feet after yet another one of my attempts to crash to the ground. “We’ve got company.” He didn’t look at me as he spoke, but his voice was gentler than I’d ever heard it.


He nodded to the right, and I turned to see two figures making their way across the yard. The one in front I recognized as Sera, and behind her walked a familiar-looking blonde.

“That’s the guy from the mall,” I commented tonelessly, my eyes following him as they moved closer.

“His name’s Markus,” Kael said. “He’s Sera’s lapdog, basically.”

I could sense the tension in Kael’s voice. I stood up straight and tried to present what I hoped would pass as a formidable face. But I was still shaking miserably.

“Alex!” Sera called once they were about twenty feet away. “There you are; we were wondering where you’d run off to. We figured you wouldn’t be long, after we gave Emily time to get back.” Her voice was casual, like she was greeting an old friend.

My fists clenched.

She was smiling at me. Both of them were. After a second I had to look away—the sight of them was making me sick to my stomach.

“You look upset, Alex,” Sera said.

“I wonder why,” I said, my voice quivering.

Sera shrugged. “You know, it’s your fault that it came to this.”

My gaze jerked back to hers. My face grew hot. I tried to take deep, calming breaths, but all I could think about was how badly I wanted to slap that arrogant little grin off her face.

I took a step forward, hand out and ready, but Kael grabbed my shoulder.

“Now isn’t the time for revenge,” he said quietly.

I glared up at him, but resisted the urge to argue. Kael was right; assuming Markus was half as good a fighter as Sera, the odds definitely weren’t in our favor.

“What’s wrong with right now?” Markus said, sounding disappointed. “C’mon—let her go. We’ll go easy on her.”

“Shut-up, idiot,” Kael growled.

Markus looked disgruntled, but he didn’t have a chance to say anything else before Kael turned away. As Kael shifted his attention from Markus to Sera, I jerked my shoulder away from his hand. He let me go with little protest but kept watching me out of the corner of his eye.

That was probably a good thing.

Because even though I knew what a bad idea it would be, the idea of introducing my fist to Sera’s smiling face wasn’t getting any less tempting.

“Where did they take her sister?” Kael asked.

“Where?” Sera tilted her head sideways and rested her chin on her hand. “Where…let’s see…You know, I think they told me, but I’m afraid it’s slipped my mind.


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