Cursed by Casey Odell

Cursed by Casey Odell

Author:Casey Odell [Odell, Casey]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: romance, adventure, fantasy, elves
Publisher: Casey Odell
Published: 0101-01-01T00:00:00+00:00

“You know, if you were nicer to girls you wouldn’t have to pay.”

They stood outside a brothel called The Red Curtain and she dearly hoped the name didn’t have a double meaning. The two-storied white house was set back from the road. A small manicured garden stood out front, filled with flowers of all shapes and colors. A path of stepping-stones led up to the front porch, sprinkled with giggling couples that nuzzled each other in plain sight.

There really was no shame in this town.

The sun had set, leaving the city of sinful pleasures in its twilight glow. Fire torches lit the path to the dwelling. The house itself buzzed with energy. The windows in the front glowed crimson, the curtains illuminated from behind to block the actions inside from public view.

“Could this be where you worked previously?” Claire asked, feigning innocence.

Farron shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know-- why don’t you ask Miranda?” He dug out a folded square of white cloth from inside his shirt.

Claire’s jaw dropped open in shock. “She didn’t!” She snatched the hankie from his hand. A bright red kiss mark decorated the corner of the white handkerchief trimmed with dainty lace. “When did she slip you this little treasure?” She held it out in front of her, dangling it between thumb and fore finger.

“When you went to watch the men at their game.” Farron smiled, pleased with himself.

Claire looked at the hankie considerately. She did have to admire the girl’s brazenness, at least. She’d only left the table-- for a few moments at the most-- to look over the shoulders of a group of men playing a lively game, betting copper coins and golden rings, shouting foreign words whenever one had a certain hand of the colorful cards. She still wasn’t sure how it was played.

“Face it, my lady. I’m more charming than you think.” He leaned in close and pointed his finger at her chest before he spun around and walked up the path to the house.

Claire was taken aback. But still not convinced. It would take more than another bar maiden to convince her otherwise. Though for some reason she was a little irked. How did the girl know the elf and her were not involved? Not that she’d ever consider it. “Hey, you forgot your hankie!” she shouted after him as she waved it in the air.

He just gestured a hand in the air in a dismissive manner without turning around. Fine, she’d just keep it for herself. She folded the dainty white cloth into a small square and tucked it inside her shirt, into her bosom. It was tough not having pockets.

She hurried after the elf who’d reached the porch already and tried not to look around at the couples scattered about. Farron opened the front door filled with an intricate stained glass window of purple and blue. He bowed and motioned for her to enter first. She curtsied back and entered.

Red carpet lined the enclosed hallway and crept up a staircase climbing the right wall.


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