Border Series: Books 1-3 (Border Series Boxset) by Cecelia Mecca

Border Series: Books 1-3 (Border Series Boxset) by Cecelia Mecca

Author:Cecelia Mecca
Language: eng
Format: azw3
ISBN: 9781946510129
Publisher: Altiora Press
Published: 2018-03-12T23:00:00+00:00


Catrina was exhausted. Evelyn, it turned out, had summoned her to help with Elise’s babe. She had spent the better part of the night trying to convince her maid’s dense husband that it was just as natural to feed a babe with a cloth as it was a mother’s teat. The ignorant priest had recently convinced him it would be blasphemy for the babe to get nourishment any other way even though the cloth was working.

When her reassurances didn’t work, Bryce’s intimidation did. He had insisted on coming with her, thank the saints, and he’d resolved the situation by threatening to throttle the man if he didn’t comply. He looked to her first as if asking for permission to intervene. At her nod, he’d delivered the threat coolly, of course, which had done nothing to blunt its effectiveness.

Catrina stretched out on the bed. If only she could stay under the coverlet and not make the journey to Kenshire. The sun had not yet risen, but she knew Bryce would summon her any time. He had said they would leave at daybreak, and he was never late.

She smiled, remembering her favorite part of the evening. As soon as they left the maid’s small house, Bryce had marched directly to the chapel at the center of the village. Unlike the diminutive homes that surrounded it, the chapel was a grand stone building. It even had small stained-glass windows. Curious, Catrina had followed Bryce into a room at the back of the building where the priest resided.

Catrina had never liked the man. Unlike Father Simon, who was educated and thoughtful, this priest had always seemed to relish more in the luxuries of his station than in administering service to the people of Bristol. After the incident with Elise, Bryce had ordered him to leave, immediately. Apparently he cared little about the repercussions. Who would offer service in his stead?

They had returned to the manor then, their intimate conversation in the solar apparently forgotten. Bryce had reminded her they would leave at sunrise and then promptly retired. She’d spent the remainder of the evening packing for their “extended” trip. How extended, she wasn’t sure.

A knock announced Elise’s arrival. After repeated requests for reassurance the babe was indeed fine, she helped Catrina prepare for the journey. Since her favorite riding dress had been ruined in the attack—she shuddered to think about the reivers and their fate at Bryce’s hands—she wore an older one. The deep green gown was a bit snug around the chest, but it would have to do. The others were too impractical for travel.

By the time Catrina walked down the winding staircase into the hall, she was fully awake and ready, not only for the journey, but also to put her new plan into action.

There was only one issue with that. The man standing in front of her looked as if he wanted to kill her.

What did I do now?

“No,” Bryce said, his eyes narrowing.

Every step toward him made her more aware of his scrutiny.


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