Beyond Keto by Don Colbert

Beyond Keto by Don Colbert

Author:Don Colbert
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Publisher: Charisma House
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It will take a little while for this to become a habit, so be patient with yourself. I have found that the more expensive items (i.e., wild fish or grass-fed beef) are foods that we don’t eat every day. Oils and vegetables are relatively inexpensive, and these we use daily for fats and healthy carbs.

Step 6: Set up an exercise routine.

These are the action steps to take:

Decide how much exercise you want to do.

Make that exercise a habit.

Walking fifteen to twenty minutes per day is a good starting point for everyone on a keto diet. For many, that will be enough for the first few months. It will help with the weight loss and getting the metabolism in line.

For others, that is not enough. They want to do more, such as thirty to forty-five minutes per day. If that is you, that’s fine; just remember that intense exercise may be more than your low-carb keto diet can handle, so increasing your carbs or taking exogenous ketones or MCT oil powder may be necessary (as discussed in the last chapter) on those high-intensity exercise days.

Starting low and going slow is recommended, but whatever you wish to do, make sure you build it into your daily and weekly schedule. Quite simply, make it a habit.


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